Latakia Blend Black Tea from Brooklyn Tea Blends Co.

I’ve been waiting for this sample to arrive with bated breath!

Latakia Blend Black Tea from Brooklyn Tea Blends Co. – this is a premium tea company with some great-looking blends.

When it arrived, I instantly grabbed for my Bodum glassware (kind of like the one on the image to the left) – so I could get maximum enjoyment out of this premium tea blend – seeing the true colour of it through the glass as I take my first sip.

The colour is a beautiful golden amber and as I lift my cup the smokiness of the Lapsang Souchong in this blend hits me and invites me to take a drink.

Wow! This is truly a tea for connoisseurs but with bold enough flavours for even the tea-drinking novice to pick-up on the sophistication of the blend.

This tea is warming, like a warm broth, but with a plethora of aftertastes that highlight the three types of tea in this blend – Lapsang Souchong, Keemun, and Dian Hong – delivering pine smoke, floral, and roasted undertones.

Here’s what Brooklyn Tea Blends Co. say about the tea:

At least 60% Superfine Lapsang Souchong real pine smoked (not scented) full loose tea leaf. First Grade Keemun, Premium Dian Hong.

Brooklyn Tea Blends CARAVAN TRIAD is a perfect compliment to any single malt whisky. One of the greatest gentleman of the last century, Sir Winston Churchill, preferred a smoked tea aroma to complement the taste of his single malt scotch.

A taste worthy of a true gentleman!

And I couldn’t agree more!

Darjeeling Margret’s Hope Tea from Doehi Tea

Darjeeling Margrets Hope Tea

The last of the three teas delivered to me by Doehi Teas is now up for review, and it’s one of my favorite all-time teas – Darjeeling. So this tea has a lot to prove!

Upon opening the pack an instant hay-like aroma hits me and brings back memories of times spent in my favorite tea shop in Liverpool in the UK, where I’d sit and enjoy some of the finest teas from around the World and take in the aromas of various blends.

When the boiling water hits the tea, the smell transforms, and really highlights the aromatic nature of this Darjeeling tea – expelling notes of malty Black Tea with a backdrop of freshness unique to Darjeeling, almost floral.

Taking the first sip brings a smile to my face.

It has been a little while since my last cup of Darjeeling, and this one did not disappoint.

Malty yet fresh, with a dry after-tone, it almost tastes like a Green Tea it’s that fresh, rather than a black.

This tea has re-ignited my passion for Darjeeling and I’ll certainly make short work of the remaining sample I have here!

Here’s how Doehi describe this blend:

Named after proprietor Mr. Bagdon’s daughter, Margaret, for the plantation housing her favorite garden. Its shrubs grow at cool, high altitudes in the Himalayas forming high-grade and aromatic qualities. A sparkling, fully aromatic tea with a spicy, yet sweet bouquet. It is a Black Orthodox tea.

A highly recommended Darjeeling and a great, refreshing brew – matching the high standards I’ve come to expect from Doehi following sampling their other teas.

Seven Treasures Tea by Doehi Tea

So, I still have a couple of tea samples from Doehi Tea, and I was excited to try the next one today.

With a delectable blend of black and Green Tea, rose blossoms, sunflower blossoms and natural flavoring, Doehi Tea’s Seven Treasures promises to be a flavor-packed brew!

As soon as I open the pack, floral and citrus notes hit me. The smell reminds me a little of a Cleansing Tea I tried last year which had natural blueberry and raspberry flavoring – Doehi Tea don’t specify what flavors this tea exactly, but if I had to guess I’d say it was some natural fruit or berry extract.

When the hot water hits the leaves and petals, they all begin to unfurl and the petals rise to the surface. It really is a delight to make this tea – experiencing all the sensory beauty in the smell and appearance.

Upon taking my first sip, I’m surprised.

This tea is one of the few teas out there that tastes exactly how it smells! No false promises of punchy flavors and bold undertones – this tea is the real deal.

It delivers a floral yet fruity flavor with a warming backdrop of malty Black Tea, plus a tiny after kick of what I would describe as the ‘dryness’ of green tea (tea connoisseurs will understand this).

Doehi Tea describe this tea as:

Select blend of the finest black and green teas is enriched by royal ingredients and noble, blazing colors. Full, fruity, sweet flavors.

A fragrant, flavorsome and warming brew – enough to brighten anybody’s day. Definitely a highly recommended cuppa!

Auntie’s Pumpkin Pie Tea from Doehi Tea

Auntie’s Pumpkin Pie Tea by Doehi Tea landed on my doorstep this afternoon and I just couldn’t wait to try this.

With the days and nights getting colder and darker, I needed something warming, and this tea – with strong hints of cinnamon and Black Tea – was just the ticket!

I poured hot water (around 204 degrees Fahrenheit) over this tea and immediately the scent of cinnamon hit me – wow! It reminds me of my favourite cereal Curiously Cinnamon (previously called Cinnamon Grahams – or for those in the US, Cinnamon Toast Crunch) – sweet with a powerful punch of warming cinnamon.

On taking the first sip, however, it becomes very obvious that this is a much more refined and flavour-filled brew than simply offering the flavour of cinnamon alone.

A smooth black tea flavour first hits the palate, followed by the warming sensation of cinnamon, and a very subtle hint of pumpkin with the aftertaste.

The pumpkin flavour amplifies the ‘toastiness’ of the black tea, and rounds it off nicely – making it the perfect brew to sip by the fire on a cold, dark Winter night. It’s actually rather Festive!

Doehi describe this tea as:

China black tea with cinnamon bits, pumpkin sprinkles and flavoring. A classic flavor for any time of the year.

A highly recommended flavoured black tea, especially around the Festive period to get you in the spirit! Check it out.

Kickstarter Choco Matcha Latte Mix

Vanilla Matcha LatteIt isn’t often I write a post on here that isn’t a review of tea!

But today I’m making an exception – mainly because it’s a tea I want to become a reality and be able to review in the near future.

At teareviewblog we’re big fans of the Vitalife range of teas, and their range of matcha tea is no exception.

In 2012 they launched their vanilla matcha latte mix (which I loved!).

Now, in 2014, they want to launch a new matcha latte mix – cocoa matcha latte!

I’m not sure about anyone else, but the thought of grassy, fresh ceremonial grade matcha teamed with dark, nutty undertones of roasted pure cocoa powder, lifted with the sweetness of organic cane sugar really gets my taste buds excited!

Vitalife have called on Kickstarter to help them launch this new tea, because the investment they need is quite large.

So, come on guys, let’s help Vitalife to make this tea a reality so that we can sample this amazing blend!

Pre-order your cocoa matcha latte mix AND help bring this tea to market on Kickstarter here.

There’s only 9 days left and a mountain to climb – so all help is appreciated.