Alertness and Clarity from Diksha-T

Alertness and clarity diksha TBeing a big tea drinker, I’m also a big fan of Sudoku – the two just go hand-in-hand.

So, herein lies my opportunity to try Diksha-T’s Alertness and Clarity blend – specifically formulated to drink before a mentally-challenging task.

On reading the pack, I’m excited to see something I’ve never tried in a tea before – ashwagandha. This has come to be expected of Diksha-T by me, they are pioneers of holistic, herbal teas – introducing unique ingredients to deliver maximum results.

I love this part – the opening of the pack. This is where you get your ‘first impression’ of the tea you’re about to try. And my, does this one make a good first impression.

Cool, fresh peppermint is immediately noticeable, with a backdrop of rose and jasmine adding a floral dimension to the fragrance.

The peppermint really follows through in the flavour, giving it a cooling clean sensation in the mouth – backed-up by the cleanness of Green Tea and Yerba Maté. The stevia in this blend also help to lift it with a touch of sweetness.

Here’s what Diksha-T say about it:

Alertness and Clarity blend is designed to stimulate your inner warrior and to alert your mind to the elements for a fully energetic experience. This combination of tea leaves and herbs was crafted to boost brain power, increase circulation, and energize the body, while calming nerves and relieving anxiety. For increased performance and focus, drink before or during work, school, or before a mentally challenging task.

This particular tea blend contains very powerful ayurvedic herbs such as tulsi, ashwagandha, and brahmi. All are believed to activate brain power and increase mental capacity. Tulsi know as the Holy Basil contains properties that further enhance mental performance as well as promote healthy immune and digestive systems. The other powerful constituents of this blend are yerba mate, ginkgo and peppermint know in the East for increasing energy, mental clarity, and overall health. Additionally, each tea bag is thoughtfully handcrafted, powered with Reiki energy, and gifted with deeksha.

A delicious, clean, invigorating tea that helps to stimulate the mind. Oh, and the puzzle? Completed in record time :)

Spiritual Awakening from Diksha-T

Spiritual Awakening Diksha TAlthough not one for yoga or meditation, to which this blend is suited, I do like to relax – so I have found myself a quiet corner to give Diksha-T’s second blend a try – Spiritual Awakening.

I open the pack, and instantly I get hit with an amazing fragrance – jasmine, lavender, and rose being the dominant notes. Being a big fan of lavender tea, I can’t wait to brew-up and give this a try – my taste buds are already tingling from the smell.

Upon pouring out the blend from the pack, it’s clear to see where Diksha-T are positioned with regards to premium, whole-leaf tea – right at the top! This blend has almost fully-intact chamomile and calendula flowers, and I know I’m in for a real treat just from the sight of it.

When the hot water hits, instantly the herbs in this blend start to come into play – coriander and tulsi become apparent and give the fragrance a beautiful and welcome twist.

Taking my first sip I can honestly say this is one of the most delightfully complex herbal/flower based teas I’ve ever tried. You try to put your finger on which flavours dominate, but none do – all of the cleverly-blended ingredients come together to create a single, unique flavour that I find hard to describe or liken-to in words.

What I can say is that this tea delivers what it says – a relaxing, calming experience – and a delicious floral/herbal aftertaste that lingers on long after you’ve enjoyed your brew.

Here’s what Diksha-T say about this blend:

Spiritual Awakening blend is designed to cleanse your chakras and to facilitate activation of kundalini energy for a heightened meditation experience. The antioxidant, immunogenic and calming properties of this tea are in the perfect balance. While providing protection for your divine essence, the selected herbs trigger and nourish each chakra, awakening the spiritual energy that dwells within you. Drink it before and after meditation, yoga or another spiritual practice.

This particular tea blend contains a very powerful ayurvedic herb Tulsi know as the Holy Basil which is worshipped in India and contains many health benefits. The other constituents are flowery herbs that represent different chakras. Hibiscus, calendula, chamomile encompass the 3 lower chakras, while rose, agrimony, coriander, lavender and jasmine address the 4 upper chakras. This blend is very potent upon ingestion, but its aroma is equally powerful, leaving a divine scent in the air for many hours. Additionally, each tea bag of Spiritual Awakening is thoughtfully handcrafted, powered with Reiki energy, and gifted with deeksha.

Clearly crafted with knowledge, care, and attention, we think this is one of the best floral teas around. Well done Diksha-T!

Spice & Synergy from Diksha-T

Diksha T Spice and SynergyI arrived back from vacation to find a lovely box on my doorstep from the start-up, artisan tea company Diksha-T.

I’ve been excited to receive these blends ever since they told me about them, and to experience the holistic, spiritual side to tea – which Diksha-T promotes in its blends.

Feeling a little jet-lagged, naturally I reach firstly for their energising ‘spice and synergy‘ blend, to see if it can give me the ‘boost’ I need!

Before I get into the review however, I’d like to highlight something about Diksha-T’s packaging – all of their teas are packed in lovely, natural-feel, green zip-lock, sealed pouches. Each with a little window to examine the tea blend before opening. I really love this, and it gives the brand continuity of the organic, natural, and holistic feel throughout its packaging.

On opening, the smell of bergamot, cloves, and orange are instantly apparent – making this experience feel almost festive.

Pouring the water onto the blend, the smell of cloves, bergamot, and orange peel continue to dominate, except now with a noticeable back-drop of malty Assam.

My first sip gives me a clean, crisp flavour and the cloves, bergamot, and orange are no longer dominating – instead blending perfectly with the Assam to deliver a truly refreshing and enjoyable brew.

I did think the cinnamon in this blend would struggle to come through with the other beautiful but strong flavours in there, but on drinking the cinnamon gives that little element of sweetness to draw this blend together in true synergy (they’ve named this blend well!).

Here’s what Diksha say about this blend:

Spice and Synergy blend is designed with assam Black Tea as a base to awaken and invigorate the senses. This combination of tea leaves and spices promotes healthy digestion, balances gastric secretion, increases mental awareness, and stimulates the circulatory system to improve the synergistic efficiency of your body. Drink it in the morning, before or after a meal, or better yet, in a social setting to rally some joyful energy.

A true tea-delight, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Diksha-T over the coming months and years if their blends are all as good as this one is!

Latakia Blend Black Tea from Brooklyn Tea Blends Co.

I’ve been waiting for this sample to arrive with bated breath!

Latakia Blend Black Tea from Brooklyn Tea Blends Co. – this is a premium tea company with some great-looking blends.

When it arrived, I instantly grabbed for my Bodum glassware (kind of like the one on the image to the left) – so I could get maximum enjoyment out of this premium tea blend – seeing the true colour of it through the glass as I take my first sip.

The colour is a beautiful golden amber and as I lift my cup the smokiness of the Lapsang Souchong in this blend hits me and invites me to take a drink.

Wow! This is truly a tea for connoisseurs but with bold enough flavours for even the tea-drinking novice to pick-up on the sophistication of the blend.

This tea is warming, like a warm broth, but with a plethora of aftertastes that highlight the three types of tea in this blend – Lapsang Souchong, Keemun, and Dian Hong – delivering pine smoke, floral, and roasted undertones.

Here’s what Brooklyn Tea Blends Co. say about the tea:

At least 60% Superfine Lapsang Souchong real pine smoked (not scented) full loose tea leaf. First Grade Keemun, Premium Dian Hong.

Brooklyn Tea Blends CARAVAN TRIAD is a perfect compliment to any single malt whisky. One of the greatest gentleman of the last century, Sir Winston Churchill, preferred a smoked tea aroma to complement the taste of his single malt scotch.

A taste worthy of a true gentleman!

And I couldn’t agree more!

Darjeeling Margret’s Hope Tea from Doehi Tea

Darjeeling Margrets Hope Tea

The last of the three teas delivered to me by Doehi Teas is now up for review, and it’s one of my favorite all-time teas – Darjeeling. So this tea has a lot to prove!

Upon opening the pack an instant hay-like aroma hits me and brings back memories of times spent in my favorite tea shop in Liverpool in the UK, where I’d sit and enjoy some of the finest teas from around the World and take in the aromas of various blends.

When the boiling water hits the tea, the smell transforms, and really highlights the aromatic nature of this Darjeeling tea – expelling notes of malty Black Tea with a backdrop of freshness unique to Darjeeling, almost floral.

Taking the first sip brings a smile to my face.

It has been a little while since my last cup of Darjeeling, and this one did not disappoint.

Malty yet fresh, with a dry after-tone, it almost tastes like a Green Tea it’s that fresh, rather than a black.

This tea has re-ignited my passion for Darjeeling and I’ll certainly make short work of the remaining sample I have here!

Here’s how Doehi describe this blend:

Named after proprietor Mr. Bagdon’s daughter, Margaret, for the plantation housing her favorite garden. Its shrubs grow at cool, high altitudes in the Himalayas forming high-grade and aromatic qualities. A sparkling, fully aromatic tea with a spicy, yet sweet bouquet. It is a Black Orthodox tea.

A highly recommended Darjeeling and a great, refreshing brew – matching the high standards I’ve come to expect from Doehi following sampling their other teas.