1st Flush Darjeeling from Boston Tea Campaign

First Flush Darjeeling from Boston Tea CampaignA fresh, lively infusion which is a lovely example of a first flush Darjeeling Tea.   With a very light, pale amber color and a slightly floral aroma with a hint of spice, this tea delights the senses in every way.  This Darjeeling has a slightly astringent “bite” to the aftertaste, but it is only crisp enough to clear the palate and provide an appreciatory contrast to the smooth mellow highlights in the initial flavor of the tea.

The Boston Tea Campaign describes this tea as:

First Flush is the first tea harvested after winter, from the end of February until the end of April.  It is bright in color and has a light, flowery flavor.

This tea is absolutely fresh and BRISK.  Sorry to tell the folks at Lipton that their “Brisk” tea line is nothing compared to the “briskness” of this refreshing and invigorating first flush Darjeeling.  With an ambrosial muscatel aroma that just barely hints of a deep and exotic spice, this tea makes my mouth water before I even take my first sip!

And speaking of that lovely muscatel aroma and flavor which is cherished in high quality Darjeeling teas such as this one, this particular tea has a lovely hint of grape in the background of the flavor profile…just enough to savor the moment, like biting into the skin of a fresh, ripe grape.

Darjeeling tea is often called “The Champagne of Tea” because Darjeeling is to tea what Champagne is to wine, in more ways than one.  Only about 1% off all the tea harvested in the world is Darjeeling.  And it is for this reason that not only are there limited quantities of Darjeeling tea, but it also demands higher prices than most other teas.  However, the Boston Tea Campaign makes 100% pure Darjeeling affordable.  As stated on their website:

A few, cost-effective principles are the secret to our success:

*  We specialize in Darjeeling tea.
*  We sell in large packages.
*  We sell directly to the customer, online.

Costs saved on packaging, storage, and transportation are invested into:

*  The strictest measures for assuring product quality and purity;
*  Socially responsible projects in the region of Darjeeling.

All our teas carry the Tea Board of India’s seal and license number, which guarantee 100% genuine Darjeeling tea.


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Since 1991,the jear Boston Tee Kampagne tee was introduced to me, i keep ordering faithfully my whole year stash of FTGOP 1.For many years me, my family and friends made a collective order…. says enough … ey ?


I only know some kind of Chinese black teas,such as Keemun Black Tea,Lapsang (Zhengshan Souchong),Yunnan Black Tea,and also I heard the Sri Lanka Ceylon black tea,especially the UVA.I also want to know that if the most Americas like to drink black tea.

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