Children’s Tea

Children and Tea

Tea is not only a treat for adults to enjoy, children can also partake in the beauty of tea drinking, especially with the endless varieties of tea available on the market – some specially geared towards children.

Teas which are intended for children, such as The English Tea Store’s Tutti Fruity Caffeine free herbal tea, which is a loose leaf tea with a lovely strawberry flavor that is just for kids, are absolutely fabulous teas which are already tried and true with kids (and admittedly, many adults too!).

Many Herbal Tisanes are also perfect for children, being caffeine free, and relaxing. Look for ingredients such as fruit pieces, hibiscus which leaves a tart fruity flavor on the tongue, rosehips, rose petals or other delicious and comforting ingredients. Rooibos, which is becoming more popular, is also a very good choice for a children’s tea.
It is most important to make sure that the tea has cooled sufficiently before serving to children. A tea thermometer or color-changing thermal cups can assist with this important step.

Most children’s teas are naturally formulated to be sweet without any additional sweetener, to increase the health benefits of the tea and to help reduce sugar intake, so make sure the tea isn’t already sweet enough before adding any other sugar. If you must add sweetener, honey or agave nectar are perfect choices for children. Stevia is also a natural sweetener, but may leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Hot tea can be especially relaxing to children at night time as part of a regular bedtime ritual. Be sure to use caffeine free tea with children, especially before bedtime. The warm, sweet soothing liquid will relax and unwind easily and naturally right before bed, and is also quite soothing for children with sore throats, colds, or just on a cool winter’s day as an afternoon or evening treat.

Unsweetened children’s tea can also help to rehydrate you or your child if you become ill, while soothing your stomach at the same time. Be sure not to add any added sweetener or milk if you are taking tea while ill.

As you can see, children can benefit immensely from drinking teas and herbal tisanes. Almost any sweet flavored tea will satisfy your child’s sweet tooth, and you will be surprised at how readily your children appreciate the wide world of tea. This allows you to take full advantage of the wide spectrum of flavors and varieties of tea available, and include the entire family in the joy of teatime!