Health Benefits

Introduction to The Health Benefits of Tea

As I could probably write an entire book on the health benefits of tea, I would like to spend just a few minutes going over the most basic health benefits of drinking tea and how they can improve your life. When I describe the health benefits of tea, I am speaking of tea leaves derived only from the Camellia Sinensis plant, including Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and White Tea.

Cancer Prevention

Scientific studies have suggested that drinking both green and white teas can protect against a range of cancers including lung cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. This is due to the presence of the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which slowed the growth of cancer cells in clinical trials. In addition the topical application of green tea extract (again EGCG) can protect against UVA- and UVB-induced skin damage.

Cardiovascular Health

In April 2009 the University of L’Aquila published research showing how drinking just one single cup of black tea a day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by improving blood vessel reactivity, reducing blood pressure and reducing arterial stiffness.

Weight Loss

Clinical research has suggested that green tea raises metabolic rates, speeds up fat oxidation and improves insulin sensitivity. Tea is also rumored to increase endurance while exercising as well! Pu-Erh Tea has also been linked to weight loss in clinical trials, by providing you with a feeling of fullness as well as increasing your metabolic rate to burn energy faster. Tea (without sugar added) is also a wonderful alternative to sodas or fruit juices and can effectively shave calories off your diet by replacing those high-calorie fluids.

Less Chance of Stroke

The International Stroke Conference in February 2009 presented research performed by the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) that showed 3 or more cups of black or green tea per day can reduce your risk of stroke by up to 21%.

As you can see, the tea leaf provides us with many medical benefits. The benefits mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg with tea related health benefits. Several health insurance companies have been known to support tea consumption because of its health benefits – firms such as endorse tea consumption. Jennifer Navid, an employee of the firm, says that they even look favourably on people they insure that consume tea regularly – which just shows the credibility that tea holds when it comes to its health-giving properties.