Tea vs Coffee

Why Tea is a Better Choice Than Coffee

Did you know that drinking tea is much healthier for you than drinking coffee?  A lot of coffee drinkers say that they love their coffee and would never switch to drinking tea instead.  However there are numerous reasons why making that switch to tea can really improve your life!

Although recent research has shown that coffee does have some benefits for the human body such as helping to fight diabetes and as a strong stimulant, tea has considerably more benefits than coffee.  For example, while coffee drinking can make your teeth brittle and discolored, tea drinking can actually greatly benefit your teeth, helping to prevent cavities and improving halitosis (bad breath).

Tea also has significantly less caffeine that coffee on average.  Coffee has an average of 125 – 185 mg of caffeine per cup while a plain black tea has about 55 mg per cup. Some teas have much lower caffeine content, and herbal teas have none.   While this may seem like a bad thing to coffee drinkers who consume coffee for it’s stimulant effects, remember that tea such as Matcha can give you an energy boost equivalent to that of coffee, but it doesn’t make you crash, and allows you to be alert for hours as it regulates the release of it’s own caffeine!

There are also infinitely more varieties and flavors of tea than there are for coffee drinkers.  Overall the significant health benefits of tea greatly outweigh the relatively weak health benefits of coffee.

If you would like to switch from coffee to tea, but aren’t quite sure if your ready to give up your java, I suggest trying teas that are somewhat similar to coffee in flavor.  While you can actually find coffee-flavored teas on the market, a strong Black Tea served the same way you usually take your coffee can easily do the trick.  For strength, the best strong black teas are Irish Breakfast teas, English Breakfast teas and Assam tea.