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About The Tea Review Blog

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The Tea Review Blog is an online community of tea lovers and tea reviewers to share their love of tea with one another.  Tea reviews are posted quite frequently, and we love sharing information about teas and tea-related items!

We have a growing panel of independent tea reviewers, who are tea lovers from all walks of life and who do not manufacture tea (except for one reviewer, Anne, who hand-blends her own artisian tea blends, but only reviews other’s tea),  so their reviews remain honest and un-biased.

The Tea Review Blog is owned and managed by The Tea Guru (Grace), who does frequent reviews of tea also, but who also does not sell or manufacture teas of any kind.  She took-over from previous tea guru (Stephanie) when the opportunity arose, out of a love and obsession for all things tea, and hopes to be able to use this blog to further share that passion with others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  I sell/make tea or represent a tea company.  Would you review my tea, and if so, where can I send samples?

We are always happy to review tea samples sent our way.   Every package of tea samples that we receive are divided up equally amongst our reviewers according to their own personal preferences in tea.  Each reviewers earns a large sample package of tea for every 10 reviews they post on our site, and we would like to include your tea samples in there too!  Simply send me an email at admin@teareviewblog.com and let me know a little about your tea company.

2.  What makes you so qualified to review tea?

I drink it.  No seriously, when you think about it, that’s probably the main pre-requisite for reviewing anything at all is having experienced it…a lot.  Both myself and each member of our 12-member panel of reviewers have one thing in common – our shared passion and knowledge of tea.  I’ve been reviewing teas professionally for almost 2 years, and some of our panel members have more experience than that!

3.  How often do you post new reviews?

New tea reviews are posted three times a day at 8 am, 4 pm and 11 pm  CST every day.

4.  I’ve noticed a lack of any bad reviews on your site, isn’t there any tea you don’t like?

Yep, there sure is!  Of course no one is going to like every tea they try, but here at the Tea Review we believe in the age old adage “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.  So we choose to only review those teas which we enjoy drinking.  Samples are sent to our reviewers based on their preferences as well, so we try to fit each tea reviewers with teas that they enjoy.  Samples which aren’t enjoyed by one reviewer will be passed on to a reviewer that might be more partial to it!

5.  Do you do link exchanges? What about advertising?

If you would like to inquire about a link exchange, or similar requests, please email me at admin@teareviewblog.com.  As far as advertising goes we offer top banner advertising and sidebar banner advertising, and our current rates can be found here.

6.  Will you accept advertising from non-tea related companies?


7.  How do you choose the teas that you review?

Well this answer depends heavily on the preferences of the reviewer answering it.  Myself, personally, I review mainly teas that I myself have purchased and enjoy to some degree.  Occasionally we are sent free samples by tea companies.  Those samples are divided up evenly amongst our reviewers, and while none of them (including myself) are required to write reviews on these teas, if we enjoy the tea and have a positive experience we will usually want to share this with others and write a review.  See #4 above!

Other reviewers in our 12-member independent review panel may have many varied ways of selecting which teas they review.  They are free to post reviews on any and all teas that they would like to review!

8.   You’ve reviewed a tea from our company, may we use this in our website or in our advertising?

Absolutely!!  We absolutely hope that you will link to our reviews of your tea from those pages on your website or blogs that sell that tea.  In fact you may use our reviews in your advertising efforts also (think “As seen on The Tea Review Blog!”).  Here’s a great button you can use on your site:

As Reviewed On The Tea Review Blog Button

9. How can I become a reviewer for The Tea Review Blog?

People who are interested in reviewing teas for The Tea Review Blog should email us at admin@teareviewblog.com.  If we have an opening for a reviewer and you sound like a good fit, we’ll be glad to let you know more about being a reviewer on our panel.

10.  I have a question not answered here, what should I do?

Ask your question in our Member Forums

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