Açai Berry Raspberry Green Tea from Tea District


Title: Açai Berry Raspberry

Company: Tea District

Tea Name: Açai Berry Raspberry

Tea Type/Varietal: Green

Steeping Vessel/Amt. Leaf:  cup/loose leaf

Liquor Color: light green

Leaf Characteristics: Tea leaves are straw like, very fine with bits of safflower and natural açai berry.




1st Steeping:

Water temperature:  190 Fahrenheit

Time:    3 minutes

I am very happy to be having another of Tea District teas. This one is their Açai Berry Raspberry Green Tea. I open the pouch and the aroma of the berries is quite noticeable. I scoop out one teaspoon of the tea leaves and put them in my cup and add the boiled water to it. Leaving it to steep for a few minutes; after which I strained the tea into another cup.

The tea color is lightly green and tea’s aroma is a fruity mixture of the berries with green tea. As I sip this tea I notice there is no astringency to the tea at all. It is naturally sweetened with the combination of açai berry and the raspberry.

This is a lovely tea, seems very mild and good for the new year.

2nd Steeping:

Water temperature: 200 Fahrenheit

Time: 4 minutes

I was able to fix another cup of this tea using the same tea leaves and this second cup is as enjoyable as the first cup. Tea taste is true to the cup.

Overall tasting notes observed:

Tea color: light green

Characteristics: flowery aroma with a sweetened berry taste.

Tea District describes this tea as-

A sweet acai berry and raspberry flavored Chinese sencha green tea.  Acai Berry has recently been studied and has shown weight loss and anti-aging properties – this one may be good for your looks.

Overall I would describe this tea as flowery with a sweetened berry taste.

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