African Nectar from Mighty Leaf

African Nectar from Mighty Leaf

Having tasted for myself the quality of Mighty Leaf teas, I found myself inexorably drawn to this tea I’m reviewing, African Nectar.  Even though I’m not a fan of red Rooibos, the tea’s main ingredient, I knew that it had to be something special, being from Mighty Leaf, and from the scent of the bag, which was absolutely blissful.

This sample of Mighty Leaf’s African Nectar was sent to me by Nancy Spruiell of who offers Mighty Leaf Teas wholesale to spas, salons, and other businesses. She highly recommended Mighty Leaf to me (so much so in fact that she sent me several samples of their teas!), and this is one of the many teas they provide.

Mighty Leaf describes this tea as:

Savor the finest rooibos when you journey to the fertile tropics with our African Nectar rooibos tea and savor the fruits of the “Alluring Continent.” Made with naturally caffeine free African rooibos tea, also known as red tea, this Mighty Leaf signature rooibos blend teems with tropical fruit and blossoms. Rich in anti-oxidants, it promotes calm and relaxation.

Rooibos leaves, natural tropical flavors, natural flavors, hibiscus flowers, rose petals, mallow blossoms, marigold flowers

They should probably be a little more specific in their wording now that green (un-oxidized) rooibos is arriving on the tea scene with the forceful vengeance of a new trend.

The packaging really impressed me, from the professionally made individual outer packet (with such beautiful photos of their tea on the front), and the silken pouch that holds the tea is honestly the most beautiful and well-made disposable tea pouch I’ve ever seen. The back of the outside packet reads:

Sojourn to the fertile tropics and savor the fruits of the “alluring continent”.  African rooibos leaves teeming with mango, vanilla and blossoms. Anti-oxidant rich.

Brew time 5 Minutes.

Magic of Mighty Leaf: Since ancient times, a freshly brewed pot filled with whole tea leaves has been revered as the richest in character. Today we proudly continue the tradition. Our handcrafted silken pouches are packed with our artisan blends of whole tea leaves, fruits, herbs, spices and flavors too big for ordinary tea bags. Enjoy the liberation of pure tea goodness and rediscover the pleasure of the way tea was naturally meant to be.

The rooibos was very pronounced, and if you like rooibos then you absolutely have to try this tea because it is a symphony of rooibos  grandiosity.  Beneath the rooibos were the bright tropical flavors mentioned, including a very mellow mango flavor coupled with a softer vanilla.  The rose petals, mallow blossoms and Calendula (marigold) petals make this a very attractive tea to look at as well as well as lending a very subtle floral note to the aftertaste. Overall a lovely, smooth tropical red rooibos blend!



This sounds like an excellent tea! I love Rooibus – and the blossomy additions sound very appealing! Thanks for such a fantastic reveiw!


So glad you enjoyed it! I know people that tell me their blood type is "African Nectar", and as someone who doesn't really care for rooibos, I love African Nectar also.

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