African Summer from Red Leaf Tea

African Summer from Red Leaf TeaThis is a soothing and refreshing tisane, with the nectar-like sweetness of the honeybush being being complemented by strong lemon flavors, and a bit of zest that you can taste from the eucalyptus!

The aroma of the tea is heavy on the lemon, and because of that, the lemon seems to stand out a lot in this tea, however it’s in a very refreshing sense.   Predominantly a honey & lemon tea, the other herbs in this blend – the rosehips, eucalyptus, and hibiscus – all give this tea a really unique “zip” that makes a very invigorating flavor.  In fact if you have a cold or are down sick, this is a perfect tea to drink since it soothes while cleansing the palate and providing providing immune-boosting herbs.

Red Leaf Tea | Etsy Shop describes this tea as:

The beguilingly hot climate of the African Serengeti serves as the inspiration for African Summer tea, with its unique combination of herbs that are known for their healing and nourishing properties. Its main ingredient is honey bush-which is related to Rooibos-and additional vitamins and minerals are provided by eucalyptus, hibiscus, safflower, and marigolds. African Summer also contains citrus and rosehips that help boost your immune system.


{en:Honeybush}, {en:Lemongrass}, {en:Lemon_myrtle|Lemon Myrtle}, {en:Rosehips}, {en:Eucalyptus}, {en:Hibiscus}, {en:Safflower}, Marigolds (Calendula) petals.

While this tea is exceptional served hot, it is also great served chilled over ice.   Sweet yet tangy, this brew provides a wonderful caffeine-free pick-me-up!  As I mentioned, I am really enthusiastic over the inclusion of Eucalyptus in the ingredients, as that is a pretty non-standard ingredient in most teas, and I love the beautiful complex and zesty flavor it adds to the overall taste of the tea.



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