Aged Pu-erh from Enjoying Tea

Aged Pu-erh from Enjoying TeaOK, so by now it’s no big secret that I’m not that “in to” Pu-erh.  But I am acquiring a taste for it.

This one had a strong earthy scent as I was brewing it.  Not a big surprise for me because it is an aroma I’ve come to recognize as distinctly Pu-erh.  For those new to Pu-erh, it might be a bit off-putting at first, I know it was for me.  But, if you are able to get beyond that initial scent, you’ll be rewarded with a pretty remarkable tasting tea.

The flavor is so deep and remarkably smooth.  Very well-rounded.   Earthy always seems to be the first word that comes to me when I am tasting Pu-erh, and this one is no exception, although the earthy quality is considerably lighter in this cup than I was expecting based upon my previous experiences with Pu-erh.  That’s not a bad thing!

There is a woodsy kind of note to this tea, although I’m not sure exactly what kind of wood it might be – something solid and strong – oak, perhaps?  There is absolutely no bitterness here.  There is also a slight “sour” note to it.  Not a tarty kind of sour, but, a savory kind of sour that adds a lot of interest to the overall cup.

There is a light sweetness.  Some of the Pu-Erh Teas that I’ve tasted recently have had a caramel-y kind of sweetness, this one – not so much a caramel taste, but more of a light touch of sweetness, as though kissed with a drop of honey. It’s very intriguing.

Enjoying Tea describes this tea as

This special delicacy is from Yunnan province. Doctors in Kunming reported that drinking this tea lowered cholesterol levels in the blood stream remarkably. Pu-erh has dark and reddish black leaves. This tea, with its strong persistent aroma, is very popular in the Cantonese community due to its effectiveness in getting rid of toxins in the body and helping digestion. It is well known that the longer you store Puerh tea the better the quality. The Puerh that we sell is an aged Puerh Tea.

Even though my past with Pu-erh has not been a positive experience, I am “re-inventing” my palate and beginning to really enjoy these new journeys that I’ve ventured upon with Pu-erh.  I am learning more about tea on these journeys, and even a little more about myself.  And I like that!


Pu Erh Tee

Yes, I think pu erh definitely is an acquired taste, not something that comes easily like enjoying chocolate.


Is this tea supposed to have a moldy smell dry and brewed


Hi George: It doesn’t smell like mold to me, but I have heard other people describe the smell as moldy. What I smell is mostly a very earthy scent – almost like dirt. For me, personally, I had to get past the smell to finally appreciate the flavor. It isn’t something that everyone embraces immediately, I know I didn’t. But, once I did get past that aroma, I learned to really enjoy the flavor – there are some wonderful flavors just beyond that earthy odor.

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