Almond Cookie Black Tea from Zen Tara Tea

Almond Cookie from Zen Tara TeaThis is a sweet and delicious black dessert tea.  If you love almonds, sweets, or flavored teas, then you will really enjoy this tea.  I personally love all three!  This tea stands out in the flavor department, brewing up an amber liquor which is heavy on the sweet almond flavor with lots of yummy cinnamon to add warmth and safflower to add depth and a multi-sensory experience.

This tea smells just as good as it tastes, in fact, the scent is very akin to real almond cookies!

Even the dried leaves are a beautiful potpourri of tea leaves and slivers of almonds and cinnamon bark.  The safflower adds a bright red festive feel to the tea.

Almond Cookie Black Tea describes this tea as:

Have you ever had a wonderful dinner at a Chinese restaurant and when it came time for dessert the restaurant only had Green Tea and you really craved a black tea? Or, you were too full for dessert (OK, admittedly that almost never happens) and instead just wanted a lightly flavored dessert tea rather than a heavy high calorie dessert? If so, then this is the tea for you.

Inspired by Chinese almond cookies, we’ve paired an medium bodied black tea with almonds and a touch of cinnamon. Almond Cookie black tea has a balanced profile blended so that the almond flavor doesn’t overpower the tea. This tea is a perfect afternoon treat or as an after dinner dessert tea. Enjoy this tea along with one of the best recipes we’ve come across for baking your own Chinese Almond Cookies.

How to Prepare Almond Cookie Black Tea

Heat water (filtered if possible) to boiling 212˚F, let it cool slightly to around 190˚F and add one full teaspoon loose leaf tea per cup (apprx. 8 ounces). Infuse the loose tea for 3–5 minutes depending on taste preference.

INGREDIENTS: Organically grown black tea, organic almonds, organic cinnamon, organic safflower petals, and natural almond flavoring, blended in USA.

This tea works well with sweetener or a light dash of milk or milk alternative.  However it is sweet enough naturally that you can also really enjoy it plain if you prefer to take your tea that way.  A versatile flavored black tea, it can be enjoyed morning, noon or night!

I would be interested in knowing what kind of tea forms the base of this blend, as it is very lovely and balances the flavors of almond and cinnamon well.  It seems a little on the smoky side for a standard Ceylon, it may be a blend or perhaps even an Assam, with the smoky character – not smoky as in campfire smoke, but more of a lightly toasted undertone.  It’s truly quite lovely considering the overall bouquet.

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MMmmmmmmm this sounds delicious! I love almonds, and this could be a healthier alternative to the ameretto I usually indulge in around Christmas time! thanks for informing me!

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