Almond Cookie by Joy’s Teaspoon

When I was little my family would go to a wonderful Asian restaurant. After dinner they served these amazing almond cookies. Since I have grown up and sadly the restaurant that was in business over 30 years has closed, I have yet to find THAT cookie! I have had many an almond cookie, some looked just like the ones from my childhood but nothing, absolutely nothing has come close … until now.

 Who would have thought that I would find my perfect cookie in a tea? Not only have I found my favorite cookie but with that a piece of my childhood, a good memory.

This tea smells so sinful when you open the bag. While steeping, like you are in the middle of a sweet cinnamon and sugar dream. I think perhaps the one ingredient other almond cookies lacked was the cinnamon. It’s absolutely not a harsh cinnamon, I don’t even care for cinnamon in tea, and while I realize that cinnamon is not mentioned in the ingredient list given by Joy’s Teaspoon, I taste it. I don’t know if it is real cinnamon or cassia which is usually what you buy in a grocery store, a cinnamon knock off, but it is so delectable and in just the right dose.

Depending on the lighting of the room the tea looks anywhere from red to orange. It’s quite a fun looking tea.

It requires absolutely no milk and no sugar. It is quite perfectly sweet yet balanced all on its own. Usually I don’t use additives unless it is a “dessert” type tea like this one and often I find you almost have to add a little sugar and or milk to help nudge the sweetness slightly over the edge to perfection but Almond Cookie is already right there!

What Joy’s Teaspoon says about Almond Cookie:

It is a taste experience unlike any other!  Pairing sweet apple and beetroot pieces, this tea once brewed has a red color nuance.  The flavor note is determined by tempting, sweet, roasted, caramelized almonds.  Our tip: simply try it and…enjoy!  For a perfect taste impact, brew for a full 10 minutes.  Naturally caffeine free.

The apple is fresh, crisp, and pairs wonderfully with the cinnamon giving it just a smidgen of a cider taste. I absolutely taste the caramelized almonds as I use them frequently in salad dishes I make at home. Now as for beetroot, I won’t even pretend to know what that should taste like but if it concerns you, don’t let it. I should google beetroot to find out what it is – something like rhubarb perhaps, root of beets I assume, I don’t even like beets, I detest them, they taste like dirt to me, but to end this run on sentence let me just say this tea tastes nothing of beet, beet root, or dirt.

As I sat here writing this, spacing out, enjoying this temptation of tea, I realized something. If you look for all the different flavors in this tea you can certainly find them quite easily. However, if you just allow the tea to speak to you on its own without trying to translate for it, you will find flavors melding in such unison, with such grace, that you won’t be able to determine the cider like flavor from the caramel almond flavor, from the apple itself, or that beetroot, it just blends so beautifully that it becomes the almond cookie to end all almond cookies!

I have been pleased with 2 out of the 3 teas I have from Joy’s Teaspoon thus far and the only reason it’s not 3 of 3 is because I have not tried the 3rd one yet but I am positive based on my first two experiences that it will be a home run as well!

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