Almond Oolong from Adagio Teas

Almond Oolong from Adagio TeasAs I’ve often proclaimed, I love Oolong Tea.  I usually prefer unflavored Oolong teas because I really enjoy the complexity of an Oolong; however, I do occasionally find a flavored Oolong that I like.

This is one such example.  The Formosa Oolong base is a perfect one for the sweet, nutty flavor of almond, because most Formosa Oolongs naturally possess a sort of fuzzy peach-like flavor to them which I find compliments the almond flavor quite well.

The aroma of the dry tea leaves is pleasantly nutty with a delicate floral note in the background.  The sweet, nutty aroma remains in the brewed liquid, although it softens quite a bit.

This tea has a very rustic sort of taste to me.  The Oolong does have some of those peachy notes that I mentioned, and there is a quiet sort of flower-y flavor as well as a very slight smoky quality to it.  It is a decent quality Oolong, perhaps not quite to the level of “fancy” Formosa, but, it is very good.

I think that some of the interesting layers of flavor that make up the complex nature of the Oolong is lost because of the strength of flavor of the almond; although it does have it’s own rich taste and a somewhat silky mouthfeel to it.  It is the almond flavoring that gives it such a rustic taste to me, it kind of tastes like a homemade dessert  – or more accurately, like the crunchy topping of a baked cobbler.

Adagio Teas describes this tea as

Combining savory almond slices with the bright, fruity taste of Formosa oolong tea, our Almond tea is a great stand-alone drink as well as the perfect dessert complement. In fact, it is so versatile that, if you don’t like our Almond tea, you’re probably the one that’s nuts.

I don’t ice a lot of Oolong teas.  This is because I feel that Oolong tea has such a uniquely complex flavor (or set of flavors) that I feel an Oolong is just “too good” to be iced.  However, that mindset changes when it comes to flavored Oolongs.  I think that a flavored Oolong is perfect to serve as an iced tea – and this one is no exception.  It is so thirst-quenching and delicious!

If you do prefer your Oolong tea hot, this one is very nice to serve with dessert.  YUM!

This tea is quite good without any sweetener, but, I think I prefer it with just small drizzle of honey.  I find that this brings out some of the sweeter notes of the almond just a little.   Overall, not an exceptional Oolong, but still a very good one!

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