Alpine Berry from Two Leaves and a Bud

Alpine Berry by Two Leaves and a BudI know that you are never suppose to judge a book by it’s cover, but just looking at the high quality silky type tea bag wrapped in a clear wrapper with bright lettering on the top got my taste buds a waterin’ for this brand. The only thing I couldn’t tell was what type of berries were included in the alpine berry as it was not written on the wrapper. I unwrapped the tea bag and inhaled deeply. I could tell there was raspberries, strawberries, and I thought I could smell blueberries as well (I was wrong, it was blackberries). It smelled delicious though, very fresh and fruity.

Two Leaves and a Bud describes this tea as:

Herbal Potpourri of {en:Hibiscus}, Apple Peel, {en:Rosehips}, Blackberry leaves and Orange Peel. Alpine Berry Herbal Tea is the perfect complement to a day in the wilderness. We looked to create an herbal tea that was rich, complex and full, like our camellia sinensis (black, green and white) teas.  We started with blackberry leaves, strawberry, and raspberry flavors and essences to create an herbal, naturally sweet and refreshing medley which can be enjoyed both hot in winter or iced in summer. This is a great beverage for kids and adults alike.

I am a big fan of herbal berry teas and this one was delicious. Typically, with an unsweetened berry tea the taste is usually slightly tart or sour enough to make your taste buds water. But not so with this tea! The berry flavor was strong, but it was never too sharp. I think the rose hips and other flavors must have set off the tartness nicely. And the scent of the brewed tea had a strong fresh apple and raspberry smell. As it brews the color goes from a light pink to dark pink so it is easy to keep track of how long you’d like to steep it for. I followed the directions on the package (which said 4 minutes) and it was a fruity blend that I really enjoyed.


The Tea Guru

Great review Becky! This is the BEST tea if you love berry/fruity teas. Myself personally, I do not love berry teas, so I didn’t really like this one myself, but that’s totally a matter of personal taste – like I said, if you love fruit teas, berry teas, hibiscus, etc, you will adore this tea because it’s strong and smooth and not at all bitter.


Becky, this tea sounds really good. I’m starting to drink more herbal teas now and this sounds like one I’d really enjoy!

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