An Irish Rum from Adagio Teas

An Irish Rum from Adagio TeasHaving tasted many of the blends from Adagio Teas customer Rachana C. has custom blended, I can say with confidence that this one is probably my favorite.

Why?  Because it has such a pleasing balance of flavors.  The rum is nicely complimented with equal parts of peppermint and lime.

The Black Tea base that Adagio Teas uses can be quite harsh, and in some of their flavors, I have found it to be too strong/tannic/astringent for my liking.  But, I have also discovered that with many of the customer’s custom blends, that harshness softens to a pleasant level.  Such is the case with this blend.  The black tea is strong, but not harsh or overbearing.  It has a nice richness and works well with this blend.

I attribute this mostly to the addition of peppermint leaf.  However, the peppermint does not overwhelm the blend, instead it is a crisp accent to the rest of the blend, and is in perfect balance with the lime.

The lime is delicious in this blend as well.  Sometimes, citrus flavored teas can taste somewhat fake, but it tastes very authentic here, as if I had squeezed a lime wedge into my tea.  There is a delightful lime tartness in the aftertaste too.

Adagio Teas describes this blend as

I have included peppermint in this to create a refreshingly cool feeling in your mouth, rum for fun. Lastly, lime for a citrus twist. It is mostly rum with equal parts peppermint and lime.

This blend was inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and all my Irish friends that truly make this holiday a blast. I have a feeling it will be delicious iced with a little sweetener and if anything it will make for a fun and unique festive blend. Caution…Do not drink and drive!

While the rum is the strongest flavor here, I think its the accents of lime and peppermint that really give this blend it’s definition.  The rum tastes smooth and sweet, the lime gives it just enough tart to make it interesting, and the peppermint gives it a crisp, clean taste.  This tea really makes my palate happy!

I found this tea to be delicious iced as well as hot.  It is incredibly refreshing iced, and has a comforting effect when hot (especially when it’s cold and damp outside!)  Cheers!



Wow, I am so happy you like this. At first, I too found it difficult to work with the black teas Adagio has to offer for the same aforementioned reasons. However, quickly I figured out how to make it work and when you do it can make for a very nice cuppa as it has for you. Not to mention this particular blend was one of the St. Patrick’s Day blend winners. It really is yummy. 🙂

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