Apple Pie a la Mode from Zoomdweebies

Apple Pie a la Mode from ZoomdweebiesMmm!  I had apple pie for breakfast this morning.

Well, not really.

But what I did have is this tea from 52Teas, released the week of January 25 as one of their teas of the week.  And it is so delicious and authentic tasting!

The apple flavor is sweet and juicy with a touch of cinnamon and brown sugar.  The result is a caramel-y apple taste that is so much like the inside of a freshly baked apple pie.   The vanilla flavoring gives it just enough creamy, smooth flavor that it does taste like the “a la mode” part of the pie experience.  The overall flavor is very delightful and comforting – evoking memories of enjoying a warm slice of apple pie with a generous scoop of ice cream after a family dinner.  YUM!

It would be remiss not to mention the Black Tea blend that is used as the base for this tea (it is, after all, a tea review!)  It is pleasantly strong, and offers a solid backdrop of brisk flavor that has a malty edge to it, yet it is not so bold that it interferes with the flavoring of the blend.  There is no bitterness to the tea so long as it is not over brewed – I do recommend that you keep the brewing time to 2 1/2 minutes.  Your diligence will be rewarded!

52Teas describes this tea as

Here’s our take on the all American classic, Apple pie a la mode.

We’ve blended our premium Indian black teas with real apple bits, cinnamon stick pieces, vanilla beans and all natural flavors, including just a touch of natural brown sugar flavor.

My favorite way to Drink This tea is with a light sprinkling of raw sugar and a splash of half & half.  This blend does have a bit of sweetness to it already, so taste it first before adding sugar (or other sweetener).  It is quite good without the sugar, but I found that just a little bit of sugar really enhanced the flavors well.  And as for the milk or cream — well, it is good without it as well, but it is so much better with it.  It really brings out the creamy aspects of the vanilla, as well as warmth of the cinnamon.  Delish!

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