Apples and Snowflakes from Karma Blends

Apples and Snowflakes from Karma BlendsThis is a stunning tea blend from Karma Blends!  When I first saw the tea I knew I was in for a treat. Whole, tippy White Tea leaves were blended with huge chunks of peppermint candy, mint leaves, chunks of dried apples, and the occasional clove bud.

The scent is light and minty, very refreshing…the aroma of this tea is a great pick-me-up first thing in the morning!   The flavor was just as yummy as I had anticipated, with the lovely mint flavors sharing center stage with the light juicy flavor of the apples.   The white tea base is a mild, almost floral touch in the background, and the cloves providing a hint of warmth amongst the other, brighter flavors in this tea.

Karma Blends describes this tea as:

Add romance to your day with our Apples and Snowflakes. Inspired by the season of fall, just the aroma of this tea is enough to put you in another world. Flakes of white mint candy add a sweet touch. We promise you will replace your apple cider with this one!

The Tea Tale – A warm drink in winter is not just about the drink or its temperature. Its about the aroma, the experience, the company, and the mood. And that is just what this tea is about. We created this one on our company ski trip to Vermont. Each ingredient was contributed by a different member. True Tea-m work as we call it. We must not forget to mention that this one kept us great warm company through the season!

Ingredients :- White Tea, Cloves, Mint, Apple, Mint Candy.

This is indeed a fine tea for fall or winter and is best served hot as I think chilling it would really distract from a lot of the more delicious subtle nuances in the flavors such as the warm clove and floral notes in the white tea leaves.  I added a touch of sweetener for a really lovely sweet minty fresh blend, but would not recommend milk for a tea such as this (I have yet to meet a white tea that wasn’t completely overwhelmed by milk, white teas should simply not be served with milk products).   Overall a very delicious flavored white tea from Karma Blends!

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Lara Berendt

This sounds delicious! One of my favorite local blends is called “Apple Butter,” from the Tea Embassy here in Austin, TX. It’s an herbal blend with apple bits, rooibos, raisins, roasted chicory root, cinnamon, pear bits, and rosebuds. But I love the delicate flavor of white teas, and after reading this, I’m thinking I should try some creative flavored white blends.

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