Arabian Night from TeaGschwendner

Arabian Night from TeaGschwendnerFrom the moment I read the ingredient list of this tea, I knew it was one I had to try.  Fortunately, I have a tea friend online who had a supply of this tea and was willing to part with a bit of it so that I could sample it.

The TeaGschwendner website recommends brewing this at a boiling temperature, but, because there is Green Tea in this blend, I chose to brew it at a lower temperature to avoid scorching the tender green leaves.  This results in a lighter flavor from the Black Tea, but, no bitterness from the green.

Instead, I get a soft, buttery creaminess from the green tea that imparts a silky mouthfeel.  As I mentioned, the black tea is more delicate in flavor than it would have been had I brewed it in boiling water, but, I can still taste its lively flavor.

The jasmine and rose are very balanced here.  I can taste distinct notes from both flowers, and I can also taste a hint of sharpness from the sunflower in the background.  It is a very pleasantly floral and feminine brew.  It’s quite delightful!

TeaGschwendner describes this blend as

Jasmine, sunflower and rose enchant your senses. It isn’t difficult to imagine a thousand more cups as lovely as the very first.

Ingredients: Green tea from China, black tea from India, Sri Lanka and China, rose blossoms, jasmine blossoms, sunflower blossoms and flavor.

This is a delicious tea that I prefer served hot, because it allows the subtleties of the flowers to reveal themselves.  As it cools I find that the flavors become more muddled and less distinct.  The natural sweetness from the flowers really doesn’t need additional enhancement, although it wouldn’t hurt the tea to add a little if you want.  I found it perfectly delightful served neat and clean.

This would make a lovely tea to serve at a garden tea party – even if it’s a tea party for one in your own backyard.  A very enchanting brew!

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