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Feb 24

Tropicana Orange Pekoe from Layla

Tropicana Orange Pekoe

Tropicana Orange Pekoe

One absolutely incredible tropical black tea!!  The aroma is what you notice first, and it is very, very strong.  In fact it’s such a strong tropical fragrance that when I opened the package it perfumed my whole kitchen (which is a good thing!).

This tea is also probably one of the most visually attractive teas that I’ve seen.  The rose petals, calendula leaves, cornflower and thistle petals really make this one really beautiful tea.

When I brewed this up, the lovely aroma intensified and I was anxious to try this one out!  It has a very lovely fruity flavor, with intense mango overtones.

Layla describes this tea as:

To say this tea is delicious is an absolute understatement.

A smooth black tea which is infused with thistle flower petals, marigold petals, cornflower petals, rose petals and natural tropical fruit flavorings. This one makes you go “mmmmm” even before you brew it.

Imported from Germany, this tea serves well both hot and iced.

Note: Orange Pekoe refers to the size of the leaf, not the quality or flavor. This grading means whole leaf. Contrary to popular belief, the term “orange” does not refer to a flavor, but rather to the Dutch House of Orange.

Overall this is one delicious and unique tropical black tea.  As I mentioned above, it has strong mango notes along with a wonderful Orange Pekoe black tea base, which tastes crisp, strong and slightly astringent. This would also make a fabulous iced tea in the summer!

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  1. Comment by February 26, 2009 @ 1:13 am
    Liberteas said:

    I am thrilled to see that this tea vendor knows what Orange Pekoe means! I don’t say that to sound snobbish, it just floors me sometimes when I see a tea vendor refer to their tea flavor as “orange pekoe” — I generally avoid that vendor’s tea, as I must assume that they don’t know much about tea if they don’t know something this basic… alas, it’s a general misconception… but I am thrilled to see that someone knows what they’re talking about! Kudos!


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