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Lime Green from Hampstead Tea

Lime Green from Hampstead Tea
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Hampstead Tea is a tea company that is new to me – this is my very first sampling of one of their teas – and I must say, I’m impressed.

As I’ve expressed previously, I prefer loose leaf over tea bags.  For that reason, when I try a bagged tea, I’m quite skeptical.  But, this tea is quite tasty, and had I not brewed it myself, I would not have guessed it was brewed from a tea bag.

The aroma of the unbrewed tea is not strong, but upon brewing it does take on a very delicious – yet still quite light – fragrance that entices you to take a sip.  The green tea is bright and fresh-tasting, with a pleasant vegetative taste that is a nice contrast to the faint lime notes.  It has a delightful sweet character to the tea, but an agreeable hint of citrus-y tart also presents itself onto the palate.  It is smooth and light-bodied with very little noted astringency.

Hampstead Tea describes this tea as:

The tropical floral zest of lime is a sophisticated complement to our green tea. The classic citrus overtones are reminiscent of beachside evenings.

Ingredients:  Fairtrade green tea, lime zest

This is an excellent tea to enjoy any time of the day – however, unless you like your tea quite light in the morning, I’d probably keep it for an later afternoon tea.  The light, sunny citrus flavor would make it an excellent choice for iced tea as well, and it has such an agreeable taste to it that it would be an ideal tea to serve to your guests while entertaining.  As it is a very light tasting green tea without strong vegetative qualities, it is also one I’d recommend to someone who is new to green teas.

As you may know by now, I really enjoy trying new teas, and this being the first experience with a tea from Hampstead Tea, I do hope it will not be the last!   This is wonderful!

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