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Dec 12

Honey & Pear from Lupicia Tea

Honey & Pear from Lupicia TeaI’ve had a lot of flavored green teas over the years, but, not as many flavored Houjicha green teas.

Houjicha (also sometimes spelled Hojicha) is a Japanese green tea that obtains it’s rather unique, toasty flavor from being roasted over charcoal.  I love the roasty-toasty flavor of Houjicha, and because it is somewhat lighter in flavor I find it to be particularly enjoyable after meals and quite comforting later in the evening.

Houjicha is also a great alternative for those who find the grassy flavor of most green teas a little off-putting.  Instead of tasting grassy or vegetative, Houjicha teas have a sweet, caramel-y taste that is absolutely delicious!

photo of Japanese Pear from Wikipedia

The flavor of the Houjicha is the strongest flavor of this cup, but I like how the flavoring of the Japanese pear and honey accent the toasted flavor of the tea.  The flavoring is subtle but sweet.  The caramel-like tones of the Houjicha meld so well with the pear and honey flavors – it is truly lovely.

As the tea cools, I find that the pear flavor pops a little more – making this an ideal choice for iced tea.  I still would prefer this one hot though.  I think that the roasted flavor of the Houjicha a very comforting, autumnal taste for me, and I like hot tea in the cooler weather.

Lupicia describes this tea as

Houjicha flavored with juicy Japanese pear and honey offers a refreshing fruity taste.

This tea has it’s own sweet flavor to it that I find it is quite satisfying without the addition of sugar.  I really love this blend – it’s like comfort food in a teacup!  Yum!

Honey & Pear from Lupicia Tea
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  1. Comment by December 12, 2010 @ 4:41 pm
    ashley said:

    Nice review I love pear teas mabe this one Is worth a try. I was wondering do you need anymore tea reviewers? Please email at


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