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Nov 19

HELPS Kids for Little Tummies from HELPS Tea

  • Type Of leaves: Herbal Tisane
  • Name Of Tea: HELPS Kids For Little Tummies
  • Available From: HELPS Tea

HELPS Kids for Little Tummies from HELPS TeaWhen I took this teabag out of the pouch I could smell the anise and I wondered if this would end up being the same as the previously reviewed HELPS Organic Easy Digestion.  But, while most of the ingredients are similar, there is one difference:  The easy digestion blend contains mint, while this HELPS Kids for Little Tummies contains lemon balm.

And this really does make a difference, flavor wise.  The Organic Easy Digestion blend has a very strong anise flavor, and while the anise is fairly strong here too, it isn’t nearly as strong.  I can taste the subtle hint of citrus-like flavor from the lemon balm, and I taste more of the chamomile here than in the Easy Digestion blend.

Both smell a bit different, as well.  Here, I really smell the chamomile notes, while with the other blend, the anise dominated, while the mint seemed to mingle in the background.  Both teas do have a similar goal, however:  help to soothe the stomach and aid in digestion.  The flavor here is a bit gentler overall, and I think that is good considering that this tea is intended for “little tummies,” although I think adults can benefit from the calming properties of this tisane as well.

HELPS Tea describes this tisane as


HELPS KIDS FOR LITTLE TUMMIES is a gentle mixture of chamomile flowers, anise, lemon balm and a few sunbeams that have sneaked in for extra warmth.  A safe and effective blend with beneficial effects to encourage healthy digestion and to facilitate reduction of gas and flatulence.*  In addition, its pleasant taste is especially intended for child’s palate.

The chamomile is a naturally light flavor, and here that is no exception.  It has a delicate floral and apple-like flavor that is appealing, and I like the sweet licorice-y flavor that the anise adds to the cup.  The lemon balm’s presence provides a very soft citrus-like taste, and I find that that subtle hint of citrus really brightens up the cup.  Because the flavors are not particularly strong, it is a tisane that kids can enjoy without thinking they’re drinking something medicinal (and if you’re a parent, you know how difficult it can be to get the kids to take their medicine!)

A very calming and tasty cup.

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