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Apr 06

Sweet Caramel O’Mine from Liber-Teas

  • Type Of leaves: Black Tea
  • Name Of Tea: Sweet Caramel O' Mine
  • Available From: Etsy

Sweet Caramel O' MineMMmmm…nmmmmm! Need a hot cup of tea that not only satisfies your taste for a quality tea, but keeps you from needing a biscuit or cookie with that tea? Try Liber-teas “Sweet Caramel O’Mine”!!!

I was excited when Liber-Teas sent me this sample. I love caramel, though I usually think of it paired with coffee… so I was quite curious about what type of tea it would make.

I brewed it, just as I would any black tea, added some nonfat half and half, but no sweetener. I took a sip… and was so pleasantly surprised! It had a lovely black tea flavor. But the undertone was definitely a slightly sweet, burnt sugar/caramel aftertaste. The nonfat half and half added a great creaminess without high calories. And this tea, though not extremely sweet, completely satisfied my afternoon snack urge!

Liber-Teas describes Sweet Caramel O’ Mine like this:

High Grown Ceylon and Premium Assams are blended and then flavored with caramel, sprinkled with little caramel bits (these are very hard bits, they only a small portion of the bits melt into the tea when submerged in hot water) and Edible Flower Petals.

I strive to make my teas a complete sensory experience: visually attractive, a delight to smell, and the most delicious tea ever introduced to your palate.

This is the perfect afternoon tea for me.  High quality tea, my favorite caramel flavor, low in calories and very satisfying!

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  1. Comment by April 7, 2009 @ 5:32 am
    The Tea Guru said:

    I love this tea also and have been meaning to write a review of it myself…you beat me to the punch! It is a very lovely tea, and tastes JUST like a caramel in your mouth with each sip. I think it's the perfect dessert tea :D


  2. Comment by April 7, 2009 @ 6:10 am
    Anne said:

    Thank you both for the kind comments about one of my favorite teas! I'm so happy you like it!


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