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Jan 21

Caladosai from Blue Raven Tea



Being a huge fan of star anise, when I first saw the gorgeous photograph of this tea (shown to the left), I couldn’t resist buying a few ounces.

Let’s face it, it looks absolutely stunning!  So when I received this tea in the mail today, I was highly anticipating the experience of drinking it.

I wasn’t let down in the least!! This tea is fabulous -  a unique overall flavor that comes from it’s blend of teas and spices.  I’ve never had a tea like this one before.

Blue Raven Tea describes this tea as:

An appealing blend of sencha green tea, cherries with a hint of lime, lemongrass and asian spices.

The aroma of the tea represents the flavor quite well – sort of tangy, sort of tart, sort of sweet with a hint of spice and a sharp anise flavor.  I really loved the blend of fruit flavors with spice, they actually compliment each other quite well!  You can see the wonderfully large whole star anise, the beautiful rosebuds,  and what appears to be either orange or lemon peel, as well as the high quality sencha green tea.  A gorgeous tea with a gorgeous flavor!

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The Tea Guru
The Tea Guru

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  1. Comment by January 21, 2009 @ 9:51 pm
    Beth said:

    Oh yum! I hearted blueraven a couple days ago in hopes of buying some soon!


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