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Apr 08

Ruby Red from Design A Tea

Ruby Red from Design A Tea

I haven’t had a good red rooibos in a while, and this was good! I love drinking caffeine free teas now that I have given up coffee and have been trying to cut back on the caffeine. Hot tea is great since I love drinking hot drinks, and I get the nice flavor.

Design a Tea describes this tea as:

One of our favorite teas. Rooibos (Roy-bus) is a “ruby red tea” from South Africa. A Superior grade, ORGANIC herb, and get this – CAFFEINE FREE. With Vanilla and Ginger flavoring, it’ll melt away your worries. A great bed-time tea. Any blend with rooibos is great warm as well as an iced tea.  Enjoy!

This was a sweet and relaxing blend. I probably should not have drank it in the middle of a work day because it did relax me quite a bit.  I have never tried Designa A Tea and was happy to receive two Rooibos samples. Rooibos is one of my favorite teas and this did not dissapoint me! I recommend trying it if you are looking for something light and a night time tea!

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  1. Comment by April 9, 2009 @ 3:43 pm
    Melanie said:

    Ooo – I love rooibos too – especially in the evening. But the ginger is what really caught me in your description! I love ginger in my tea – especially before bed. Great reveiw – I hope to try this one some day!


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