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Jan 11

Raspberry Pecan Rooibos from Zhi Tea

  • Type Of leaves: Rooibos
  • Name Of Tea: Raspberry Pecan Rooibos
  • Available From: Zhi Tea

Zhi Tea Raspberry Pecan RooibosI recently coordinated a tea advent calendar swap on a popular knitting website, and this was the first tea I received in my package. What a treat!

A mild, fruity aroma greeted me from the beginning, along with warm, nutty notes a midst a red tea with pecan pieces.

I heated water to 208 degrees and steeped the tea for 7 minutes. While steeping, this tea gave off the most lovely raspberry and pecan aroma.

The liquid was dark amber in color, and I could smell mostly raspberries at this point. The taste was pure raspberry but with an intriguing nutty aftertaste. It was slightly sweet; I did not add sugar, but some might prefer to do so if they like a sweeter tea. No creamer or milk was needed here either (and it isn’t typically used in mild rooibos teas).

I really enjoyed this new-to-me tea and would definitely consider buying it for myself.

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Zhi tea describes this tea as:

Organic real Texas pecan pieces, organic raspberry extract, and organic/Fair Trade red rooibos. Aromatic, seductive, and rich and flavorful. A healthy treat that is so addicting!

Overall I would describe this tea as a slightly sweet, mild rooibos tea.

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  1. Comment by January 11, 2013 @ 8:14 am
    TeaForDummies (@TeaForDummies) said:

    Raspberry Pecan Rooibos from Zhi Tea: A slightly sweet raspberry tea with a delightful nutty pecan aftertaste.


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