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Feb 08

Earl Grey from Tea Story


Today’s review is for one of my personal favourites.

This is Earl Grey Black Tea from Tea Story.

This is the first time I have tried Tea Story’s Earl Grey so I am really looking forward to it after having sampled some of their other blends.

Tea Story advise that you leave the teabag to steep for 2-3 minutes and that this particular blend is high in caffeine.

I prepare my kettle for boiling and as with most fine black teas I take my trusty china cup from the cupboard.

My kettle has now boiled so I pour the hot liquid over the bag and let the water infuse. The liquid instantly turns golden brown in colour and gives off the most amazing orangey scent.

I just have to mention again that I love Earl Grey.

After 3 minutes I take a sip of the tea (without milk or sugar) and get the most beautiful taste of exquisite black tea with a hint of bergamot. My brew is simply divine!

This tea is perfect from when you want something that little bit more special (personally I could drink it all day long).

Tea Story describes this tea as-

Box consists of 16 individually wrapped pyramids.

The most fragrant black tea, this traditional english brew is made from fine, whole-leaf black tea. The delicious taste and pleasing aroma stem from it being sensitively enhanced with citrusy bergamot. We recommend steeping it for 3 minutes and lightly sweetening it. A tip from gourmets: the tea becomes even more distinctive by adding a drop of milk.

high caffeine

Brewing Instructions: 1 pyramid per cup, 3-4 min, 100 °C

Overall I would describe this tea as delicate yet full flavoured and a real taste sensation. Thank You Tea Story!

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