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Apr 25

Tangerine Ginger from Rishi Tea

tangerine-gingerRishi Tea is a wonderful Organic and Fair Trade tea company! And their teas are fantastic!

This lovely blend brews up looking juicy red. It’s very fruity, with strong citrus overtones. But, of course, my favorite part is the ginger! It has a lovely undertone and leaves that  gentle ginger  spice bite on your tongue!

This is what Rishi Tea says about Tangerine Ginger Tea:

One of our original Rishi blends and top sellers, Tangerine Ginger has a complex array of sweet, spicy, tart and fruity flavors. Stimulating ginger root and adaptogenic, wild-harvested Schizandra berries are expertly balanced with the natural essential oils of citrus fruits, succulent tangerines and rare herbs. Tangerine Ginger is a full-bodied and invigorating blend with a wonderful gourmet flavor and aroma.

Ingredients:  Organic ginger, Organic Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus, Organic schizandra berries, Organic licorice root, Organic rosehips, Organic orange peel, natural essential oils of orange and tangerine. / Origin: Rishi Blend.

I researched the Schizandra berry and it is commonly used in Chinese medicine to balance the body. It apparently adapts to what your body needs – so if it’s sleepy, it will give you a bit of a boost and clear your mind. If you’re awake late at night and can’t sleep it will calm you body down so it can sleep.

I don’t really know about these claims, but the blend that Rishi has put together is very calming and relaxing, just by it’s flavor. I added a touch of honey to balance the sour (I’m overly sensitive to sour) and really enjoyed this tea.

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  1. Comment by April 25, 2009 @ 4:41 pm
    BunRab said:

    This sounds absolutely wonderful! I love tangerine, and I love ginger… you’ve convinced me!


  2. Comment by May 26, 2009 @ 2:03 pm
    Beth said:

    I don’t know if I can review it, it was so tart I couldn’t get through one cup. Ginger is not my thing


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