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May 14

Sweet Desert Delight from Zhi Tea

  • Type Of leaves: Rooibos
  • Name Of Tea: Sweet Desert Delight
  • Available From: Zhi Tea

Sweet Desert Delight from Zhi TeaThis is one of the very few red rooibos blends that I have enjoyed.  And I really enjoyed this one for sure!  The honey-like flavor of rooibos complements the cinnamon, star anise, chocolate and coconut to make this a sweet, delicious dessert like treat.  This could have easily been named Sweet Dessert Delight also!

Zhi Tea describes this tea as:

Sweet Desert Delight. Another Zhi Signature Blend that takes flavor to new heights. We blend our organic red rooibos, cinnamon, anise pods, cacao nibs, coconut pieces, safflowers and stevia leaf to create a world-class organic taste sensation. This is truly an oasis for the senses. Relish in the heady aroma of the steeping brew. Inhale deeply. Pour a mug. Savor. Imbibe. Repeat. Indulge.
Relax! No sugar and no caffeine. Naturally sweet and healthy; from Zhi to you.

USDA Organic and Fair Trade. Ingredients: Red Rooibos, Cinnamon, Anise Pod, Cacao Nibs, Coconut, Stevia Leaf, Coconut Essence

There is still a faint hint of the sickly sweet flavor of red rooibos to me though, and I’m not a fan of  Star Anise (I prefer real anise seed which tastes like licorice).  Even with those personal drawbacks, I still found this to be a delicious and intensely sweet drink.  Let’s face it -  cinnamon, chocolate and coconut HAS to be a winning combination here.  I drank this with lots of organic sugar in it, and loved it like that.  I think any sweetener would compliment this brew, and milk can be used as well for a creamier version.  Beautiful!

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  1. Comment by May 14, 2009 @ 1:12 pm
    createathought said:

    Coconut does sound good to me!


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