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Jun 20

Silver Needle Jasmine from Rishi Tea

Jasmine Silver Needle

Jasmine Silver Needle

I love jasmine tea.

There is just something about that amazing fragrance of jasmine, so soft and sweet and uniquely floral with a flavor that translates perfectly from the scent.  No other flavor of tea (or, more accurately:  scented tea) sends me on the enchanted journey as jasmine tea does.

If I were abandoned on an island I would wish for a jasmine tea to accompany me, and most likely, before trying this tea, I would have requested a jasmine pearl.  However, after trying this stunning white jasmine tea, I might just have to alter that request.  This is truly lovely!

Rishi Tea describes their Jasmine Silver Needle Tea as

White tea buds harvested from the Fuding Da Bai varietal infused with the fresh flavor and aroma of jasmine flowers according to a totally natural process that uses only freshly picked jasmine flowers and expert tea mixing, sorting and drying techniques. Refreshing, soft and subtle with sweet flavors, smooth white tea body and a lofty floral aroma.

Because the flavor of white tea is just a bit more subtle than the green pearls, it offers the perfect canvas for jasmine to create a tasteful masterpiece.  The sweetness of jasmine is allowed to shine through … making this tea a truly exotic and completely delightful experience.

With the second infusion, the jasmine flavor has mellowed significantly but is still present.  With the milder jasmine notes, the tea flavor plays a more dominate role in the flavor profile.  White tea is generally a whisper soft flavor, but these silver needles possess a bit more body than a typical white tea:  slight grassy undertones accompanied by a smooth almost green tea sweetness.

If you love jasmine tea, this tea is a definite MUST try!   I highly recommend it … and I definitely have a new favorite white tea!

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  1. Comment by July 2, 2009 @ 4:53 am
    Terry said:

    Good review, although, my favorite silver needle is from Ocean of Tea. You can check it out here: Silver Needle Tea :)


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