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Jun 30

Lavender Dreams from Teavana

  • Type Of leaves: White Tea
  • Name Of Tea: Lavender Dreams
  • Available From: Teavana

Lavender Dreams from TeavanaI cannot emphasize enough just how important the brewing is in making this a fabulous cup of tea.  Because of the highly delicate nature of both white tea and lavender, you can easily make a quite awful cup of bitter tea by steeping too many tea leaves, or with too hot water, for too long of a time.  So let me begin this review with a guide to brewing this elegant and floral tea.

For the record, Teavana recommends the following for brewing this tea:

Use 1.5 teaspoons tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to 175-180 degrees and steep tea for 1-1.5 minutes. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons.

After about 2-3 tries on getting the water temperature right, and always ending up with bitter, overbrewed tea, I finally came up with a brewing technique that works very well for this tea if you are not blessed with any thermometer to use for your tea water.  Add cool water to the leaves (and any sweetener) first to about 1/4 of your cup, then fill the rest of the cup with really hot/boiling water.

Teavana describes this tea as:

A rare delicate white tea with the tranquility evoking scent of lavender blossoms and violet flowers.

Ingredients: White tea, lavender flowers and candied violet flowers.

Once you’ve brewed it correctly, what you have is one delicious cup of lavender tea.  The high quality white tea is the perfect background for this tea, and the lavender flavor and aroma is very strong and authentic.  The candied violet flowers are the most romantic and adorable addition to the blend which add both an aesthetic value as well as just a hint of sweetness to the blend.  I truly love drinking this blend, especially in the Spring and Summer time.  You can also add rose or jasmine petals to this blend for a different floral touch.  Perfect when served hot with shortbread cookies or tea cakes.

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The Tea Guru
The Tea Guru

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  1. Comment by June 30, 2009 @ 9:40 am
    becky said:

    Thanks for the brewing hints on this one. I’m going to give this tea a try soon and I’ll know if it tastes bitter then I should try again!


  2. Comment by June 30, 2009 @ 5:22 pm
    liber-teas said:

    Tea Guru: I’m so glad that you finally were able to find the right combination for a pleasant cup with this tea, it’s definitely a favorite of mine, the combination of white tea and lavender is absolutely heavenly!


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