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Cherry Vanilla ChocoLatté from Kalahari Tea

Cherry Vanilla ChocoLatte by Kalahari TeaMy first thought upon opening the individually wrapped organic teabag made from hemp and wood chips was, “Boy if this tastes half as good as it smells, I’m going to really  love this tea”.  The fragrance of the tea and spices evoke the perfect essence of Cherry Vanilla flavors.  With top notes  of chocolate and spice and undertones of juicy ripe cherries, this is an indulgent tea, especially when you add a touch of sweetener. Milk (or milk alternative) would also make a lovely addition to this blend.

Kalahari Tea describes this tea as:

The blend of naturally caffeine-free herb with the deep flavor of roasted cacao, sweet notes of fruit spices and breathy botanicals, to create a symphony palate-pleasing delight.

1 box, 16 individually wrapped sachets.

Ingredients: Dark Roasted Cacao, Organic Rooibos,  Cinnamon, Licorice,  Chicory, Cardamom,  Ginger,  Cloves, Vanilla and natural Cherry Flavor

Kalahari is also committed to being a socially conscious company, so our teas are all organic, kosher, and fair trade products; the tea bags are made of unbleached hemp and unbleached wood chips; and we support the African Wildlife Foundation and are members of 1% for the Planet.

Even when over-steeped, this tea never gets bitter or tart.  The licorice flavor becomes much more prominent if you leave the tea steeping for over 5-7 minutes , however if brewed for 3-5 minutes you get the most deliciously authentic Cherry Vanilla Chocolate flavor, which is incredibly tasty.  I can’t believe how much I love this tea, especially with it being a red rooibos blend, a flavor I don’t normally enjoy, but this tea does such a stellar job at impressing with its overall flavor that even the rooibos is enjoyable!  Until this moment, I did not have a favorite rooibos tea, but now I do, and it’s Cherry Vanilla ChocoLatté from Kalahari Tea!

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