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Citron Oolong Blue Tea from Kalahari Tea

Citron Oolong Blue Tea from Kalahari TeaThis is definitely one of the most delicious Earl Grey teas I’ve had.  While not marketed as an Earl Grey, this tea includes a very strong bergamot oil which compliments the high quality Oolong tea, making this the first Oolong Earl Grey I’ve tasted, and it was purely delicious.

The bergamot is of the highest quality – not so strong as to be bitter, but strong enough that you really enjoy it.  They also added Eleuthero Root and Guarana for an added energy boost.

Eleuthero Root is also known as Siberian Ginseng; however, it belongs to a different genus in the family Araliaceae, and it is currently illegal in the United States to market eleuthero as Siberian Ginseng since “ginseng” only refers to Panax species.

However with that being said, Eleuthero is said to be great for increased endurance, improved memory function, immune-enhancing, and much more.

The other energy-inducing ingredient is Guarana, which contains about twice the caffeine found in coffee beans.

Citron Oolong Blue Tea is a part of Kalahari Teas Energy Teas line, and with the above ingredients, this is a most excellent energy tea!

Kalahari Tea describes this tea as:

Exceptional high grown mountain oolong is expertly blended with top grade, pure bergamot oil for a lively citrus cuppa that will enliven your spirits.

1 box, 16 individually wrapped sachets

Ingredients: Organic Chinese Oolong Tea, Organic Eleuthro Root, Guarana, Organic Bergamot Flavor

Kalahari is also committed to being a socially conscious company, so our teas are all organic, kosher, and fair trade products; the tea bags are made of unbleached hemp and unbleached wood chips; and we support the African Wildlife Foundation and are members of 1% for the Planet.

And not only does this tea boost your energy levels, it tastes absolutely delicious!! If you love a good Earl Grey, you will love this tea.  Healthy, delicious – and great for the environment – what more could you want in a tea?

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    cofftea said:

    BLUE tea???


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