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Feb 17

Kukicha Twig Tea from Good 4 You

Kukicha Twig Tea

Kukicha Twig Tea

Kukicha (茎茶) has a mildly nutty, and slightly creamy sweet flavor.

It is made of four sorts of stems, stalks and twigs of Camellia sinensis. For best results, Kukicha is steeped in water between 70°C to 80°C (155°F – 180°F) for three minutes (oversteeping or steeping too hot, as with all green teas, will result in a bitter, unsavory brew).

Good 4 You describes this tea as:

Organic Kukicha tea. The Japanese art of collecting stems and twigs from the green tea plant. Then letting them age for a little time and finally finishing the harvest with a light roast. A sweet nectar! (LOW CAFFEINE) mmmm mmm yum.

twig tea boxInitially I was very intrigued by this tea, as it is just now becoming more widely available to regular tea drinkers.  And it’s appearance is exactly as shown in the photo – sticks!!  However I was extremely surprised at the smoky, nutty flavor of this tea which tastes like a milder, softer Lapsang Souchong.  I really enjoyed the roasted, green flavor!  Overall an excruciatingly gorgeous tea for something that looks like a the start of a campfire.

And I also have to say that I was SO very impressed by the packaging of Good 4 You, which you can see there.  All of her gorgeous teas and herbs come so lovingly and carefully packaged.  It is like a work of art! Her packaging is just as amazing as the tea itself, making this one incredible tea experience!

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  1. Comment by February 17, 2009 @ 7:03 pm
    createathought said:

    Wow that looks very organic and woody


  2. Comment by February 19, 2009 @ 1:50 am
    Lainie Petersen said:

    I love a good kukicha and definitely look forward to trying this one!


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