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Jan 15

Kiwi Pear from The Republic of Tea

Kiwi Pear from Republic of TeaMy mother makes fun of me because I have to smell EVERYTHING!  You see, between my love for tea and one of our side-businesses being candles and in recent years wine tasting and sampling I find myself smelling and sniffing EVERYTHING.

Having said that…

This smells WONDERFUL! The coloring looks more like a pale black or herbal than a green tea. I’m thinking I can taste the pear a tad more than the kiwi. This is tremendous both hot and cold.

Republic of Tea describes this tea as:

This China green tea is luscious with the naturally sweet flavor of ripe pears and tropical tang of kiwi. A highly aromatic, healthy blend that’s refreshing on ice.

I have a local coffee shop that features a few Republic of Tea teas and this is one of them.  I haven’t purchased a tin, myself, lately, but this one is on my favorites of Republic of Tea teas.

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  1. Comment by January 15, 2010 @ 4:05 pm
    TeaCast said:

    Ooooooh this sounds great! I don’t think I have ever come across a Kiwi tea, not even from Tropical Tea Company or any other specialty stores.


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