Artichoke Green Tea from Adagio Teas

Artichoke Green Tea from Adagio TeasArtichokes?  But I thought this was a tea review blog!?  OH!  But it is!!!

When I found out Adagio was coming out with a few savory teas I was very intrigued!  I had to try them, especially this one!

I’m not too fond of the dry loose leaf scent but the aroma morphs, thankfully, as it steeps.  It’s a typical Green Tea coloring once infused.  The taste is sweet and green but without the harsh green aftertaste you can sometimes get with green tea. It’s hard to believe that this tea is an artichoke tea. Thumbs up for the creativity. It’s a pretty tasty tea.  Sometimes fruity, sometimes floral, and other times both fruity and floral.  It’s also good on multiple infusions!

Adagio describes this tea as:

Have we gone too far? Perhaps, but considering the culinary appeal of savory and sweet artichoke we thought it married particularly well with a nice green base tea. Complex and completely different, this tea will please a sophisticated palate looking for something unusual.

The only sad part of this tea is that there are people that will look at this and make a funny face and not try the tea because of the artichoke backing…please don’t be one of those people or you will miss out on a great flavored green tea!

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Hmmm – this is interesting — I think I’ll try it. Admittedly I would never try it if I didn’t trust your reviews! thanks

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