Assam TGBOP from Choice Organic Teas

Choice Organic Assam TeaThis tea is one of Choice Organic Tea‘s loose leaf tea selections, a deep hearty Assam Black Tea designated TGBOP which stands for Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe.  TGBOP is a broken leaf grade of tea that classifies both Assam and Darjeeling Teas that have an abundance of tips with smooth leaves.

This particular Assam stands up nicely to it’s full leaf competitors, with a mellow smooth and strong malty flavor with subtle bright notes.

Choice Organic Teas describes this tea as:

This is an ideal selection for those who enjoy a rousing morning cup of organic tea. Our hearty blend has a rich body and robust, malty flavor that welcomes the addition of milk.

As with most Assam teas, this was indeed a bold and robust blend, and I enjoyed a cup of this tea with both milk and sugar.  The milk muted the flavor a bit as milk tends to do, but it had a delicious creamy flavor, and you could still taste the tea.  This was not as strong of an Assam as some, but it has a very lovely flavor that lingers in your mouth long after you’ve sipped.

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Jason Witt

I just recently discovered that Assam can have a lot more caffeine in its leaves than the more common sinensis variety. That leads me sometimes to feel a warmth toward Assam though I really like it more for its interesting malty flavor.

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