Bailin Gongfu Black from Teavivre

Bailin Gongfu Black from Teavivre Back in the day I used to brew beer. Not in one of those kits you can buy online but I actually brewed quality beer. With that said – this tea is reminiscent of those days. It reminds me of the ingredients I would use to create my home-brews. Malt, Barley, Wheat, Molasses, and so on. Granted each brew is completely different, just like tea, but I really am enjoying the flash back of those days.

Bailin Gongfu Black smells malty, chocolatey, and of brown sugar. It has a light molasses flavor and a touch of barley flavor.

With all those heavy sounding components I was surprised to find that Bailin Gongfu has a very clean, clear mouthfeel that is not heavy at all yet due to the decadent flavors it imparts it makes you want to start chewing! It’s so delicious!

What Teavivre says about Bailin Gongfu Black:

Grown and produced at the same plantation as our gold medal winning organic Bailin Gongfu, this handcrafted Black Tea delivers an amazingly sweet, bold taste and aroma at a price point that lets you easily enjoy it every day.

The tea itself is very cleansing and the flavors meld so nicely together with no lingering after taste, no astringency, and no bitterness whatsoever. It is perfectly naturally sweetened.

There is an undertone of a wheat like character of a multigrain bread.

Interesting but there is just a hint of a vegetal essence poking out like a little bud that wants to blossom. Its quaint, fragile, and diplomatic, but lovely. The light vegetal flavor peeks out every so often to say hello friend! I’m still here. I like that because the tea does not always shove the vegetal flavor in your mouth, instead it allows itself to mellow and return to its resting state only to appear every so often as a reminder of its presence.

The wheat aroma seems to be really filling the air around me now as I sit here letting the tea rest for a few moments.

Now to give homage to the chocolate flavors I will say they are subtle, if you are looking for a chocolate flavored tea you must remember this is not a “flavored” tea, meaning there are no flavor additives. The flavors that this tea possesses are natural, and pure. The chocolate notes in this tea seem to come out more as the tea cools. If you really want to taste those chocolate flavors I suggest you let it sit in your cup for a few minutes before you begin sipping.

This is a highly complex tea but it has manners and does not make you work too hard to pick out its flavors so in that aspect it is simplistic. Each flavor note bounces out and greets you with a warm hello then politely has a seat on your palate joining its friends in a wonderful unison of warm toasty friendship.

I feel as if I am doing a good healthy thing drinking this tea which I do not often feel with black teas. Not that I feel I am doing anything unhealthy when sipping a black tea but this one just seems to really make me feel like I am putting good stuff in my body! Far healthier than the beers I would say but I did miss those flavors and now I can have them again in this wonderful tea!

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