Beachin’ from Compass Teas

Beachin from Compass TeasOh YUMMY!  Best tropical tea I’ve ever tasted and the perfect tea for a summers day, whether you prefer your tea hot or iced.  Made from green Rooibos (which is an un-oxidized, tangier, less sweet version of it’s more saccharine counterpart, red rooibos), this has the perfect balance of tropical flavors.

You can see HUGE chunks of real dried fruits in the rooibos leaves, including mango chunks, and delicious apricot and peach pieces.  These are really big pieces of fruit, which I think really adds to the quality of the tea.

Compass Teas describes this tea as:

This naturally Caffeine Free tropical blend will have you feeling miles away from your hectic life. Green Rooibos is expertly blended with mango, apricot and peach bits. Also makes a refreshing iced tea that is sure to remind you of gorgeous days at the Oceanside.


Green Rooibos – Aid in digestion, high in antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals, Naturally Caffeine Free
Peach, Mango, & Apricot bits – Immunity boosting Vitamin C, delicious refreshing taste
Flavoring – Enhances the natural goodness of the tea

The ingredients make this seem like a simple tea, and in a way it is, but it’s an extremely tasty beverage!!   I love the fact that all of the flavors are perfectly balanced to make a smooth, nectar-like beverage – so much better than the average tropical flavored blend.  This is my favorite summertime tea for Summer 2009, just like the title says, it’s totally beachin’

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Mmm… It sounds yummy!

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