Bed Time Tea from Trader Joe’s

trader joes graphicI drink herbal teas in the evening, because if I drink caffeine after 5 p.m., I won’t be asleep before dawn. So for me, I don’t drink chamomile tisanes to help me get to sleep – I want them to not keep me awake with caffeine, but I don’t necessarily want to fall asleep.

I actually find this tea rather refreshing, since the chamomile is not the only flavor in it – the two things I taste the most are the lemongrass and the mint, and I find those refreshing, even energizing, especially in the form of iced tea.

Trader Joe’s says about this product:

Ingredients: {en:Chamomile} Flowers, {en:Lemongrass}, {en:Spearmint} Leaves, {en:Tilia} Flowers, {en:Peppermint} Leaves, {en:Passionflower} Leaves, Blackberry Leaves, Orange Blossoms, {en:Hawthorn} Berries, and Rosebuds.

The long and short of it is, this tastes less “sleepy” than other chamomile teas, because all those other ingredients add their own flavors, many of which are energizing.  Drunk hot, it may be soothing to some, refreshing to others; drunk iced, with a mint leaf and a lemon wedge, it’s a great afternoon refresher.

find trader joesTrader Joe’s teas come mostly in the form of convenient tea bags, each of which are individually wrapped in airtight material, as well as being in the box, so they should last a long time – longer, once the box is opened, than other, perhaps more famous, chamomile bedtime blends that are not individually wrapped.

Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell on the web/by mail – to find a TJ’s near you, check their store locator on their web site:

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