Bentley’s Oriental Treasure Green Tea from The Boston Tea Company

[Bentley's Oriental Treasure]

This is a very smooth Green Tea in the convenient form of tea bags, which is quite handy for those of us who make our iced tea fresh every time, several times a day. Since green tea has somewhat less caffeine than black, I use it when I’m going to make more than one glass of iced tea per day.

The tea brews up a light greenish-brown, or perhaps that’s better described as a dark yellow. One thing that I’m careful of is the brewing temperature – a lot of people think that green tea is bitter or harsh because they pour the same boiling water over it that they would over a Black Tea, and for green tea that’s not a good idea. Green tea should be brewed at 190 degrees F or so (call it 90 degrees C) and not over-steeped, either; two minutes produces a light, smooth flavor, and two and a half minutes makes it strong enough to be iced. If you let it steep longer, the tea picks up a grassy note that is not quite as smooth.

Since it’s a mild-flavored tea, lemon rather overwhelms it; try just a drop or two of lime, and if you add sugar, make it just a pinch, not a spoonful.


The Boston Tea Company describes this tea as:

Boost your bill of health each time you sip some of our satisfyingly robust premium estate Chinese green tea! With all of its rich antioxidants, you’ll feel like brand new person! A cup of Bentley’s Oriental Treasure green tea is just what the doctor ordered! Drink a cup of royalty with Bentley’s Finest Tea! CONTAINS 50 string-and-tag tea bags are packed in a foil pouch to preserve freshness PROFILE Premium select high-grown Chinese green tea HEALTH Tea is a thirst-quenching treasure in a cup, with its abundant anti-oxidants, also known as polyphenols. Polyphenols are believed to strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and even fight fatigue. Sip and savor our hand-picked green tea!

The Boston Tea Company markets its teas under a couple of different labels; this one is under the Bentley’s label. It can be a little confusing  – you can order it directly online from The Boston Tea Company, but if you are looking for it on other web sites, it may be listed under Bentley’s. Besides the 50-count tin pictured above, these tea bags also come in a 24-count box. Confusingly enough, it also comes in an 8-count box under the  Boston Tea Party label, and it comes as part of several assortments under the Boston’s label as well as under the Bentley label. These assortments are particularly marketed around the winter holiday season as gifts

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