Berry Detox from Yogi Tea

Berry Detox from Yogi TeaBerry DeTox Tea for your body – Cleansing.

People have the option to either go to a detox clinic to rid their system of harmful substances, or get it done at home.

I love that this tea is Caffeine-free because I like drinking tea at night and don’t want to stay awake all night. It smells amazing, berry delicious! It is sweet and light and just the right amount of berry flavor.

Yogi Tea describes this tea as:

Feeling a bit fatigued? Brew a cup of Berry DeTox, a fruity blend of detoxifying herbs that help restore vitality. We combine {en:Rhubarb} Root with {en:Yellow_dock|Yellow Dock} Root that work through the liver and large intestine to help eliminate impurities. Antioxidants such as acai fruit help your body resist fatigue by combating the effects of free radicals. With a vibrant burst of berry flavor in every sip, this tea is a delicious way to refresh and revitalize.*

I was interested to try this tea the ingredients include

Organic {en:Ginger} Root, Organic {en:Fennel} Seed, Organic {en:Hibiscus} Flower, Organic Orange Peel, {en:Yellow_dock|Yellow Dock} Root, Organic Strawberry Flavor, Organic {en:Rhubarb} Root, Organic {en:Rooibos|Honeybush}, {en:Acai} Berry, Organic Raspberry Flavor, Organic Pomegranate Flavor, Organic {en:Stevia} Leaf, {en:Emblic} Fruit (Amla) Extract (Tannins 35%).

Sounds yummy right? Well I was also interested in the detox part. I didn’t feel anything right away but the next day I was not tired at all and felt pretty good all day! So I think I will have to use the coupon I got with the free sample to get a box of this tea.  I recommend trying it and seeing if you get some good health results as well!



This tea sounds great and I think I might give it a try. I’ve had a green tea made by Yogi tea before and it was quite good.

The Tea Guru

That sounds like it’s super healthy for you! I love Yogi tea, its one of the rare bagged teas I truly enjoy drinking. Great review!


Having a chronic illness and lots of medications… this sounds like a tea that would be really helpful with a lot of my symptoms! But there are a lot of ingredients I’d have to check and make sure there’s no interactions with my meds. Definitely a tea I’d like to try! Thanks for sharing it AND for listing the ingredients!!!


I recently tried a sample of Berry Detox. It was absolutely yummy!


this is the first one I have seen for detox tea’s , have you heard of Zija’s miricle detox tea? i love it.


I tried this tea, and I havent been able to leave my apt for 2 days for fear of not being close to my bathroom! I’ve tried many detox teas, and I’ve never had one last this long. Usually one good go on the pot 4 hours after a glass and I’m completely cleansed. But with Yogi, I had one glass of tea and I STILL have the rumblings in my belly days later! Granted I did just get back from a long vacation and much eating out but I keep myself pretty healthy and I cant wait for this embarrasing “run” to be over.


I generally drink Green Tea and Oolong Tea. I tried this the other day because as a guy in my 20’s, my weekends consist of partying. The smell of the tea is great, but it tastes awful, even after adding honey. I haven’t felt any of the effects others have described and I drank at least two cups of it. I just hope there are actually some good real effects taking place internally.

Cierra S

I drink the Berry Detox tea every night before bed and wake up feeling so cleansed, especially my stomach. I have acid reflux and it usually flares up in the morning, but after drinking this every night, I no longer get that sick feeling! I would recommend everyone to try this, especially those with acid reflux, because this product is beyond what you think it will do!

Yogi Detox

It’s ok this tea, but for me worked better the simple Yogi Detox without Berry.

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