Black Currant from Tea Forté

Black CurrantAlthough I prefer loose leaf tea, I must say that there is something quite charming and even luxurious about the beautiful pyramid sachets from Tea Forté.  Perhaps it’s their elongated shape or the unique packaging that makes them seem so elegant.

Whatever it is that makes these sachets stand out, I must say that the tea inside these pyramids is of outstanding quality.  And because they allow plenty of room for the expansion of the leaves, I have come to truly enjoy the tea sachets from Tea Forté.  (I would also like to note that Tea Forté does offer their teas in loose leaf form as well as the sachets)

This black currant tea from Tea Forté is no exception.  This tea brews to a full-bodied, flavorful cup that is nicely aromatic – a delicate, fruity scent – and lightly sweet.  The berry flavor is adequately balanced with the Black Tea flavor – which is bold yet smooth, offering just a hint of dry astringency.   There is no bitterness to this coppery cup of goodness.

Tea Forté describes this tea as

Black currant and blackberry leaves infuse our rich black tea for a fruity, aromatic cup. Naturally sweet and fully satisfying.

Ingredients:  black tea, blackberry leaves, flavoring

What’s nice about this particular fruit flavored black tea is that the currant flavor is quite mellow, making this a tea that is neither too sweet nor fruity tasting.

This would make a nice morning or early afternoon tea, and would taste great served either hot or iced.  The pyramid sachets have enough flavorful, high quality tea leaves in them for two very fragrant, flavorful infusions (even for large mugs like I use for my tea!)  I found the second infusion to be a little milder than the first, which is to be expected, but it was still quite satisfactory.

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