Black Dragon Pearl Tea from Teavana

Black Dragon Pearls from Teavana

OK, I admit it!  I was immediately drawn to this tea because it’s a pearl.  I don’t know why I like my teas in pearl form.  Perhaps it’s because I do enjoy watching the unfurling process in my smart tea maker (another reason why the smart tea maker is the FIND of the decade!)  While {en:John_Lennon|John Lennon} may have passed his time watching the wheels go round and round, I like to pass the time watching the agony of the tea leaves as they unfurl before me.

Teavana describes Black Dragon Pearl Tea as…

This fragrant and rare hand-rolled tippy Black Tea from the Yunnan province unfurls to release a smooth-bodied taste with sweet, chocolaty, and malty undertones. Good for multiple infusions. This is a perfect morning and afternoon tea.

The fragrance is not overwhelming, but the tea does offer a very pleasant, spicy aroma, with just a hint of sweetness.  The brewed tea is a clear, coppery color.  Many of the Yunnan teas that I’ve sampled over the years present a brisk, almost peppery flavor to it, but the flavor of this tea is a bit less astringent — I would describe the flavor as more “energetic” than peppery.  Malty undertones are present, with some sweet notes.  I really like the body of this tea, it fills the palate, and it feels satisfying.

When preparing this tea, I recommend caution when choosing how many pearls to brew per cup.  With jasmine pearls, the magic number seems to be seven for a cup of tea, and since I brew my tea for a 16 ounce mug, I usually count out 14 pearls.  But these pearls are the KING of pearls, not at all dainty in size, so I thought that 5 would be sufficient, however, the resulting brew was a bit stronger than I would have liked.  For the next brewing, I opted for 4 pearls, and this was the perfect amount!

This tea is quite good on it’s own, with no additions, however I do prefer it with just a drizzle of agave nectar (it seems to make those subtle sweet notes a bit more prevalent), and a quick stir of my cinnamon stir stick.  It’s also quite nice with a thin slice of Meyer Lemon!

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The Tea Guru

You are SO sweet for mentioning my stir sticks!! 🙂 And I honestly did not know they made black tea pearls also. I adore black tea, and I adore Green Jasmine Pearls, so I think I would fall in love with these! I’m going to put it on my “to-buy” list!

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