Black Night from Red Leaf Tea

Black Night by Red Leaf TeaPoetry in a cup, any Black Tea lover should have this tea in their stash. The leaves are as jet black as midnight and have such a lustrous vibrant appearance.  The aroma of the dried leaves as well as the flavor of this tea is pure, velvety black tea.    It is such a decadent bliss to have the deepest of black tea leaves in your cup to savor.

This tea is wonderful no matter how you choose to enjoy it – plain, with or without milk and sugar, or however else you may normally prepare your tea.

Red Leaf Tea | Etsy Shop describes this tea as:

Black Night is a robust tea with a very mild hint of sweetness. The Black Night has a strong flavor and aroma and can retain its strong taste for several years because it is more oxidized than the other varieties of tea.  The Black Night also contains high levels of anti-oxidant and has higher caffeine content than some tea varieties.

This is probably the most strongly oxidized tea I’ve seen, but it retains no hint of bitterness or sharpness. In fact it’s very smooth, robust, slightly malty with a hint of nutty taste.  As a Ceylon tea, I’m surprised of the strength and thickness of this tea.  It compliments almost any meal as well with complex flavor notes for a plain black tea.  If you want a high quality plain black loose tea, this is the tea to purchase.



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