Black Satin from Zoomdweebies

Black SatinThe minds behind the tea company 52Teas came up with a really cool concept when they developed – create a new tea flavor each and every week!

My first experience with that concept came with their Maple Bacon flavored tea (read my review of it here).  I was impressed with not only the quality of the tea, but also the customer service and extraordinarily prompt delivery!

So, I ordered more!  I was especially intrigued by their Black Satin tea:  Black Tea blended with licorice root and cinnamon.  Since I am a huge fan of licorice, I had to give it a try.

And I’m so glad I did!  What a delicious and unique tea!  The tea smells amazing – the licorice root gives off a slightly sweet and delicious aroma, and when blended with the cinnamon, the resulting fragrance reminds me a bit of an old time candy shop!

Although they do not specify what teas they use in this blend, I suspect it is Ceylon.  The flavor is smooth and mellow, allowing the cinnamon and licorice flavors to expound in the teacup.  The most prominent flavor here is the licorice, which is sweet with only a mere hint of sharpness that is so often associated with licorice.  I do love licorice, so I am one that does not find that sharpness off-putting, however, I really love this softer, sweeter licorice flavor in my tea cup right now!

The cinnamon is also a sweeter version of cinnamon, and does not possess that somewhat spicy edge that cinnamon often carries.  I would not have normally thought to pair cinnamon and licorice… but it really works well in this blend.

Zoomdweebies describes this tea as:

Real licorice root pieces and cinnamon bark bits blended with our premium Indian black teas.

Ingredients: Black teas, licorice root pieces, cinnamon bark bits, natural and/or artificial flavors.

This tea is absolutely delicious!  If you like licorice, I would suggest that you hurry on over to 52teas and purchase a package of this tea before it’s all gone.  At the time of this writing, there were only 3 packages left, and I don’t know if they’re planning on making more of it.

After tasting it without sweetener, I found that just a small amount of sweetener is needed to bring out the flavors in this tea, but I would not recommend adding milk or cream, as it would destroy the pleasant balance of flavors of this tea.


The Tea Guru

I LOVE this tea!! I wish it were something I could get on a regular basis because it was a beautiful tea, with the incredible blend of cinnamon, licorice and black tea, a perfect balance of those flavors, in fact.

Thank you so much for sending me a sample of this one Anne!


You are more than welcome! I really love it too. I do wish they would offer this tea on a regular basis too – I think it just may be my favorite of theirs of those that I’ve tried thus far!

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