Blackcurrant Bracer from London Fruit & Herb Company

[Blackcurrant Bracer from London Fruit & Herb]This herbal tea has the blackcurrant-y-est blackcurrant flavor of any flavored tea I’ve tried!

I love blackcurrant, a flavor I first discovered on a visit to Canada back in the 70’s; it’s still more popular in the UK and other parts of the British Empire than it is in the US, though this is changing a bit since some of the big supermarket tea brands have introduced blackcurrant-flavored Black Teas. None of those has as fruity and full-bodied a blackcurrant taste as this one, though!

The tea is in bags, so there’s not as much aroma to the dry teabag as there would be to tea leaves. Once brewed, however, the blackcurrant aroma is unmistakeable, and the taste is even stronger than the aroma.

For people in the US who may not be familiar with the taste, imagine a cross between purple grapes and a blend of berries, especially blueberry and blackberry.

Since the blend is herbal, there is no caffeine, so this can be drunk late at night. Which is when I tend to drink it, sometimes several cups in one evening.

In the UK, this tea is available in stores or from an online store that London Fruit & Herb Company shares with Typhoo. In the US, one will occasionally find this tea in discount-remainder stores such as Home Goods or Ross, but more reliably one will find it on

London Fruit & Herb describes this tea as:

The London Fruit and Herb Company have adopted a philosophy of creating great tasting blends that are good for you. So dedicated are we to achieving this that we have developed a unique process to provide you with a range of fruit flavours which really taste as good as they smell. Format: String, tag and envelope.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Blackberry Leaves, Flavourings, Liquorice Root, Apple Pomace, Blackcurrant Juice (2%), Blackcurrants (2%), Blackcurrant Leaves (1%), Rosehips, Citric Acid, Strawberry Juice.

Not only is this a tasty warm tea, it reminds me of summer with its fruity taste, and therefore helps me look forward to summer (as I write this, it is a few days into the start of spring here in Maryland, and we are expecting snow this weekend.) Speaking of summer, this also makes an excellent iced tea. When made iced, add a bit of sugar to keep the fruit flavor to the forefront. A few frozen berries dropped into it make an excellent garnish, or a wedge of orange, or even kumquat, works well.

Before I stop talking about how much I love blackcurrant, I have to tell you what I often eat for breakfast: 2/3 cup plain yogurt, 2/3 cup Kashi Black Currant Walnut cereal (has freeze-dried blackcurrants in it) and 2 heaping tablespoons blackcurrant jam, all mixed together. The blackcurrant jam adds enough sweetness to make it better than already-flavored yogurt, and the cereal stays crunchier with yogurt instead of milk. Could I make this any more blackcurrant-y?



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