Blackcurrant Tea by Twinings

twinings blackcurrantWhen I was growing up I would get some British black currant chewy candies as a special treat. Drinking a cup of this Twinings tea took me right back to my youth and eating those candies. But even if you don’t have happy memories I think you will still find this tea delicious!

This tea was very sweet but I tried it with, and without, sweetener. I preferred the sweetened version actually. It brought out the blackcurrant flavor a little more and the fruity flavor was very strong. This tea also has a delicious fruity scent that actually made my mouth water.  I was actually expecting it to be a little tart or sour, but it wasn’t too bad, and when I added the sweetener there was no tartness about it.

Twinings describes this tea as:

Fine Black Tea, flavoured with the fruity taste of blackcurrant.

Twinings lists the ingredients as blended black tea blackcurrant flavouring and blackcurrant pieces. I find that when there are actual pieces of the fruit in the tea, as opposed to just flavoring it tastes much fresher.

I looked up blackcurrants, because I’m not that all familiar with the fruit, and found out on Wikipedia that they are a good source of vitamin C.  Blackcurrant is, and has been, very popular in England because of it’s natural sweetness and vitamin properties but it was actually banned in America in the early 1900’s because of a potential tree disease the plant would harbor. Luckily the ban is lifted in most states and once more people start drinking this tea it could open the door to a blackcurrant craving here in America!


The Tea Guru

I have to say I am so not a fan of blackcurrant lol As an American raised in the midwest, I had never heard of or tasted blackcurrant until about a year ago when I started receiving blackcurrant flavored teas…which were awful to me lol I guess it’s an acquired taste!


You can send me all your blackcurrant, Tea Guru! I love this Twinings too; it’s been one of my staples for years. And the Harney blackcurrant iced tea, and Ribena soda, and Grenthers blackcurrant pastilles, and… I’ll try anything blackcurrant!

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