Blooming Marvellous from Eteaket

Blooming Marvellous from EteaketThe aroma of this tea is really lovely.  The fragrance is very fruity – notes of strawberry and flowers charm my olfactory senses!  The vanilla is somewhat softer but I can smell it mingling with the light, grassy tones of the Green Tea base.

The Sencha green tea is mild in flavor when considering the overall cup.  It has a pleasing taste that is smooth, rich and buttery.  It has a creamy mouthfeel that is very butter-like and this texture lingers well into the aftertaste.  The creaminess is enhanced further with the vanilla in the blend.

The vanilla is not a strong presence; however, the creamy sweetness of vanilla is not a subtle presence either.  It makes itself known without getting IN YOUR FACE so to speak.  Just the way vanilla should be – smooth, sweet and suave.

The flavor that is imparted by the flowers is subtle – but I can taste a sweet note of rose as well as a slightly sharp note of sunflower.  There is a floral edge to this tea but, again, it isn’t in your face, instead the flowers whisper peaceful, delightful notes into the teacup.

Then there is the fruit!   Strawberry!  I can definitely taste the sweet yet tart taste of a strawberry… it is particularly noteworthy in the finish, where a nice little tingle lingers on the tip of the tongue that is very berry!  Together with the vanilla, this becomes a sensational (or marvellous… ) dessert in a teacup!

Eteaket describes this tea as

In our Blooming Marvellous flavoured green tea, quality Sencha is expertly coupled with bright mallow and sunflower petals, exquisite rosebuds, vanilla and fresh, tangy fruit. This lively blend will be sure to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Well, I must agree.  This lively blend certainly did put a smile on my face!  This tea seems to dance upon my tongue!  It really is quite Marvellous – Blooming Marvellous!  I love it!

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