Blue Mist from Simpson & Vail

Blue Mist from Simpson & VailThe aroma of this tea reminds me quite a bit of a tea that I used to blend (several years ago!) called “Mango Tango” which was a mango flavored Black Tea.  It – as well as this tea – smells very tropical and deliciously inviting!

The black tea here is bold!  It is brisk enough to serve as a breakfast tea or as a tasty afternoon pick-me-up. There is a fair amount of astringency that is a little drying to the tongue – an interesting contrast to the juicy profile of the fruit flavors.

I like that the base is strong and holds its own amidst flavors that could very easily overwhelm it.

The mango flavor is sweet and juicy, as is the apricot.  I have never actually (knowingly) tasted a {en:jackfruit} (except for in tea blends) so I can’t tell you that this also tastes of jackfruit.  But what I can tell you is that I taste flavor profiles that are similar to banana and pineapple (which is what a jackfruit supposedly tastes like).

The combination of jackfruit, mango, and apricot creates a simply divine and quite interesting tropical taste that is unlike any other I’ve encountered.

Simpson & Vail describes this blend as

Blue Mist is a blend of Jackfruit (a fruit from India with an aroma of banana and pineapple), Apricot and Mango black teas with cornflowers and marigold petals.

This blend is delicious hot or iced.  As it is still summer (and the hottest days of summer, as I write this), I recommend trying it iced, because it is very refreshing.  A small amount of sweetener (I prefer agave nectar) helps to bring out some of the more delicate features of the fruit flavors here.

I also recommend brewing this tea for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes – don’t go over the 3 minute mark.  I did this the first time I steeped it and the tea tasted a bit bitter – so keep it under 3 minutes to ensure a tasty tea.

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